“Occupy Protester” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

This is a pretty rad new print by Shepard Fairey, you’ve gotta think this one will be important in the long-run. “Occupy Protester” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will cost $60. These go up Thursday, January 12th at a random time during the morning (Pacific Time). Visit ObeyGiant.com.

PS, you can also get a FREE Occupy Sticker by Mr. Fairey, you just have to send in a SASE. Get info at StickerRobot.com.

80 Responses to ““Occupy Protester” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. Coming home from work to try. Computer, IPad, and IPhone. I need this one bad.

  2. Cover of TIME Mag.
    This one is HOT!!!!

  3. want it, but the chance to get past checkout with this is approx. 4 % (and I’m an optimist…)

  4. Occupy a desk!

  5. How bout they occupy a fuckin job! (Didn’t mean to go all political there, but this occupy crap really needs to stop)

  6. Looks like Erykah Badu.

  7. @ kurt How you figure math? how u know?

  8. Glad to see Shepard Fairey getting behind these vermin by making $$$ off them.

  9. Buy to flip; buy to flip.


  10. This movement needs more support. Too many vultures and conformist out in the world. Why do the wicked reign- rob, steal, and trample?

  11. So, the guy who gave us the Obama poster, which helped elect the history’s greatest and most powerful crony capitalist, now expects us to believe he knows who Guy Fawkes is?

    Gotta love hypocrisy.

  12. Flipping the shit out of this.
    Shepard Fairey and I are the 1%!

  13. All hell will break loose when a Republican is Prez again. That’s how I see things. Politics is all about hypocrisy and you gotta pick the less of two evils. Does anybody remember George Bush and what he gave us?

  14. Shep needs to go away. He’s a thieving opportunist, and his recent crap is trite and tiresome. This one doesn’t even make sense.

  15. Thank God for Capitalism. I’m also flipping this piece of “artwork” to the first naive collector who will buy it. Go 1%!

  16. To those who hate Obama, how many Americans did he get killed by his policies…none. How many Americans did GW get killed by his policies…thousands.

  17. Way to go shep! Make a ton of money off the 99%. you used to be the 99%. How does it feel to be in the 1%? Does anyone see the hypocrisy of this?

  18. ^ i was thinking the same

  19. ^Indeed. The man has become a 1%er by making his money off the people that loathe the 1%. Brilliant.

  20. Natas you are so naive. Why are you bring up Obama and Bush anyway?

  21. will easily win hypocritical piece of art of the year over at e-beans. They should steal pens from a government subsidized agency to sign the print with to ensure their title.

  22. i just want to clarify that the kyle above isn’t me, the real kyle.

    we can’t have counterfeit kyle’s running rampant like fools.

  23. “Flip it” – that’s brilliant! You’ll probably make a grand total of 30 bucks on the deal! You guys’ll be well on your way to 1%ville!

  24. This print also gets my vote for “Least Value/Relevency 5 years from now”.

  25. At this year’s OMG Awards, I will place my vote for this as “Douche-iest Thread of the Year”. “Vultures and conformists”? “Hypocrisy”? “Crony Capitalist”? Holy Hell people…

  26. @Kyle, how am I naive? Please enlighten me. I did not bring it up, read the posts above me.

  27. @ ryan, the only thing douchey about this thread is the print that made it possible.

  28. loving this. You guys make me laugh. I’ll say this: we’re better behaved than most message boards.

    What’s the Deal with OBEY prints coming on flimsy ass paper????? They are, consistently, on really thin paper.
    Is there a reasonable explanation for this, or is it just Cheaper??????

  29. Because it’s cheap mass produced commodity because people will eat up anything associated with OBEY

  30. Just becuz ur part of the 1% doesnt mean u cant support the movement – last I saw there were plenty of races in the million man march… Plus it says the $$ will be donated… Not a fan of Obey but damn give the man credit for doin somethin… How many other artists donatin $$ to anythin these days?

  31. Whoever said Shep is a 1% has a small brain. My Anthropology teacher said race does not exist. Race is just a made up thing by the white folk to control society. I think that’s why so many hate on Obama. Damn Teabagger!

  32. @Skankmeister

    Typical lies and hateful spew from a from a college teacher that you’d expect as most of them are libs. Blame it on the white folk, which is your answer for everything. My acronym for the debate-ending names conservatives are called by liberals. If you disagree with the Left, you are one or all of the following — Sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, bigoted.) I think you invoked the racist card in this instance or your professor did.

    Isn’t Michael Moore part of the 1% with his huge multi million dollar mansion in Michigan from the millions he’s made from his sucky documentaries. It’s ironic that he speaks at Occupy Wallstreet. I for one commend Michael Moore for using capitalism to his advantage and making millions of dollars from it but the man costantly bases capitalism. Typical liberal thinking (think with your heart and nor your mind).

    Oh yeah is the lesser of two evils now that you metion it. I don’t even think he’s evil, he’s just a sucky POTUS and we must replace him in November 2012.

    Occupy a desk and occupy a job. No handouts here. No free lunch here.

  33. sorry for the typos

  34. A really strong image, finally a Shep print I can really get behind!

    Gonna be a tough drop though…wheres thebends when I need him?

  35. I think he could have left off the 99% logo to allow the print to represent many different movements. Probably not the biggest deal if it’s no longer relevant 10 years from now though.

    Gotta love Americans. We go on and on about rights and make every war about freedom but the second people exercise their right to assemble, people roll their eyes and cry about it. Exercising your rights is just as important as fighting for them. To suggest that people should not exercise them and just return quietly to the capitalist machine is unamerican.

    People that bemoan these occupiers are the same type that criticized people in the civil rights movement, AIM, women’s rights and any other movement that resulted from injustice.

  36. I woke up this morning and wished that I was dumber. Thank you fellas for granting my wish.

  37. I think that the Occupy folks should all be shipped off to Libya where there’s actually something significant to protest. We live in a free and extremely privileged society and we should all just be grateful for what we have.

  38. @Cragars – Are they the same people that bemoan the right to life activists and tea party activists? Are you saying that there is an injustice that has occured to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters? If so, then what injustice is that? I guess you could also say there is an injustice occuring when millions of babies are killed and that is why there are abortion protests and activists. It goes both ways Cragars, you can’t just call the civil right movement, AIM and women’s rights just causes that resulted injustice without including other conservative causes that are just. By the way, I’m all for civil rights and women’s rights.

    So your comments stating that “People that bemoan these occupiers are the same type that criticized the civil rights movement” is inaccurate and a broad generalization based on ingorance and prejudice as far as I can see.

    Clarity of agreemtn I always say. Guess we’re clear now.

  39. @Tool You definitely sure are a tool. Plain, and straight to the point. What does it matter to you how much flippers will net off of this? Keep your stupid ass comments to yourself, douche.


  40. Quit impersonating Kyle, Kyle…
    You’re making him sound like an idiot!
    Maybe you should crawl out of your hole and think for yourself.
    I will anxiously await your response…
    It’s alright, I know you can’t help yourself.

  41. So your comments stating that “Typical lies and hateful spew from a from a college teacher that you’d expect as most of them are libs. Blame it on the white folk, which is your answer for everything. My acronym for the debate-ending names conservatives are called by liberals. If you disagree with the Left, you are one or all of the following — Sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, bigoted.) I think you invoked the racist card in this instance or your professor did.” is inaccurate and a broad generalization based on ingorance and prejudice as far as I can see.

    Just sayin…

  42. I don’t know about hypocrisy, or flippin’ or whatever. I don’t really like the image. Kinda boring.

  43. shep is a one trick pony.

  44. i feel like i’m reading the script to an axed episode of degrassi

  45. I am surprised by alot of coments on here, while sheps work has made him allot of cash, you can’t really hate on the dude for not standing up for what he believes in? All the proceeds of this are going to the occupy movement? I am not an American, so I don’t really want to coment on the way things are there, but I do think this movement has potential to make a real difference to everyone. I dont think its just as simple as get yourself a job and dont complain.

  46. Reporter: What are you protesting about?
    Protester: We are here representing the 99%
    Reporter: Ok, but what do you want to see happen?
    Protester: WOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!!! Yeah!!
    Reporter: Wait. What?!
    Protester: We will never give up! WOOooooo!!!
    Reporter: Ok. Good luck.

  47. I wish Shep would’ve kept the collage background from the Time cover in here. I think that added to the piece. Otherwise cool image for sure.

  48. This won’t be that flippable.

  49. this resembles a poop i took the other day

  50. @ Kyle. What handout did you take to occupy the desk that you are sitting at?

  51. I’m sure there will most likely be an offset with the times cover background in the near future. Shep has been lazy for awhile now and it has already been made in adobe so that’s a nobrainer for him to kick out

  52. @Kyle: lol@trying to turn this into conservative vs. lib debate. Guess people are just trained.

    Reading comprehension I always say. When I describe a general type of person that bemoans people exercising their right to assemble I would assume that a reader would naturally see that applying to people assembling IN GENERAL. At what point did I draw a line? Point it out please. You see where I said, “and any other movement that resulted from an injustice,”? You see that? Can’t really list every single one so I just brought up some big ones that are historic. They are American movements that benefited both sides which were comprised of people from all areas of American society.

    Protesting to bring about a change or rectify an injustice is the American way and there are always those mouthbreathers that shudder when they see protesters with signs and say they should just go home. If I have to make it simple, yes. Yes it applies to “conservative movements.” Clear?

    The protesters suffered the injustice of professionals behaving like kids in a candy store when figuring out they could lend sickening amounts of money to people with horrible credit, and speculating over and selling things known to be worthless for profit. Both practices that served to further inflate and burst the housing bubble. They’ve suffered the injustice of dealing with a POS economy as a result of those unethical/greedy actions while the largest banks profited and grew larger. When you’re the backbone of the country and likely to ride out the shitstorm it’s like buffet time at the lesser bank joint. Also while no one has been held accountable. Nobody when Bush was on the way out and again nobody with Obama at the helm. During older crisis’ people have been held accountable. You don’t agree? That’s cool. At least show some respect to people having the balls to actually use the rights people died to gain and defend. Dismissing them as lazy is a broad generalization resulting from ignorance.

    My comment seemed inaccurate or incomplete because you’re so wrapped up in this “Us vs. Them” BS that you can’t approach it free of bias and preconceived notions.

  53. As usual, this includes myself, everyone is bitching but nothing is being done.

  54. +1 at 4:20 am East Time w00t

  55. @Cragars “Never argue with an idiot – they’ll bring you down to their level then beat you with experience”.

  56. anyone get one? My shit froze at the submit payment button. Seems like that happens often. Same thing happened on the imperial grenade print thing, but the payment went through. anywho, was wanting to bury this one in my flat file along with the other shepard fairey, ’till he passes or history or some shit and they’re worth something for my kids, when i have them

  57. $999.99 and $750 on ebay? Who would pay that?

  58. my payment went through twice. So i get refunded…. great….

  59. “$999.99 and $750 on ebay? Who would pay that?”

    The 1%. The irony just continued to unfold with this print

  60. Holy shit- two of them have already sold for 750$

  61. Don’t they keep watch re: ebay & just released Obey posters?

  62. I think it is funny all those who bash his work, there sure is a secondary market for his work. Some people will make 6x the amount they paid for the print. If people are willing to pay for it, let them…who are we to judge. It is their money.

  63. @Natas: Not only that, but Fairey (and of course Banksy) have fostered a market for art that really didn’t exist previously. Does anyone seriously think Olly Moss and Tyler Stout would be selling the shit outta their work if it weren’t for Mr. Fairey? This tool don’t think so.

  64. +1 at 10:16am PST with double confirmation
    (Obey/ PayPal)
    I felt nauseous for a few hours after the drop from the long minutes of stress and uncertainty getting through the purchase. I’m definitely keeping this one in the family.

  65. @ Tool I thought this was unflippable and sellers would make 30$ on it? Why are you even still hanging around after that ridiculous statement that made you look like exactly what you call yourself. Go away.


  66. Terrible day. Sat up till 1AM on Obey refreshing page. Then I came home from work for 2 hours. Refreshed the hell out of Obey. Thought I was in and Paypal wouldnt go through. These EBay prices are way too much. God damn, I’ll buy one for 200$ . 500-700$ crazy. I feel gutted but hell; aint worth that much. What a fucked up day!!!

  67. For those of you bashing this … Proceeds go to Occupy Wall Street

  68. Skank, that sucks but there was a good Zelda drop today. It was only $30.
    @ sorority chick, Tool is right. People are upset that he has become too big. It is just like when Metallica released the Black album. Lost some of the original fan base, but gained millions of fans and sold out stadiums.

  69. @ DSC, sorry, DSC was a sorority house at my college…realized you are a Frat Boy.

  70. Has anyone posted the image that Shep used Illustrator to trace this from yet. It’s probably a great picture….

  71. If the proceeds went to OWS then I’m glad I didn’t purchase one.

  72. @DeltaSigChi If I didn’t think those sales of $500+ were fake, I’d really be ashamed of myself. Are you new to the Internet, by the way?


  73. @Tool – you’re right, no one in their right mind would $500.00 + for this piece of crap.


  74. @kyle – what’d you sell yours at?

    Is there anyone besides me aware of the fact that many times, payment doesn’t come through on eBay auctions? It’d only take 4-5 “entrepreneurs” to manipulate things for the gawking masses. Amazing. Meh. I don’t care, maybe I can actually unload mine on some yokel.

  75. Anyone know about a gallery release tommorrow?

  76. Since I live in LA, I can try the gallery tommorrow. I’ll probably end up getting spanked again. We’ll see :0

  77. Glorifying these loser protestors…what a joke. The sheer amount of sexual assaults happening at these things should make one think twice about such a thing.

  78. Shoot her one more time again baby!
    Oh dig it
    Oh alright
    Hey Joe,
    Where you gonna run to now where you gonna go

  79. +1

  80. Everybody is calling him Shep like you know the guy! His name is Frank and everybody posting here is a piece of work! The only person that will know who Shepard is ? Is Shepard and I would think he is trying to help the world and make a living! So freaking what he is doing well? All of you are jealous fools and would love to be in his position! And the people said that he became famous because of the he made the Obama Poster? Well that Obama poster is going to get him 6 months or didn’t you read NY times that he pleaded guilty for coaching a witness and deleting files for the AP case!And all that money and making the first African American President wont get him out of this!So I would rather be middle class and not be in jail for people that are jealous and have no time to sit here and make comments of a guy that had a great work ethic for 20 years to get were he is? ONE LOVE,ONE BLOOD AND SEMPER FI!
    I ask myself why I fought for you idiots everyday because all Americans can do is bitch about people they wont to be!

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