“Enter” Art Print by Tomer Hanuka (Plus Some Past Mondo Stuff)

Tomer Hanuka consistently gets better and better. His new print, “Enter” is a 24″ x 36″ offset for only $30. He’s also added some sold out Mondo posters to his store. Visit THanuka.com.

7 Responses to ““Enter” Art Print by Tomer Hanuka (Plus Some Past Mondo Stuff)”

  1. Dude has major talent

  2. So sick. He is improving leaps and bounds, and started from a very good place.

  3. One of the best.

  4. i missed out on his “perfect storm” print last year, and i’ve never seen one come up on ebay or EB…if anyone has one that they want to sell/trade, let me know…

  5. So talented and so underrated in this poster scene.

  6. Awesome. As always awesome. WAY more Tomer in 2012 would be nice.

  7. Whoa! This is seriously crazily good. Agree with IJ: hope to see more from Tomer this year.

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