Two New Game of Thrones Letterpress Prints by Christopher Harrell

Remember that amazing Game of Thrones letterpress print that I posted awhile back? Christopher Harrell has two brand new ones up, and they’ll probably disappear even faster than the first. “Ours Is The Fury” and “I Am The Sword In The Darkness” are both 14″ x 21″ letterpress prints, have editions of 70, and cost $35 each. Visit Chris’ Etsy Shop.

5 Responses to “Two New Game of Thrones Letterpress Prints by Christopher Harrell”

  1. those are slick…dammit i didnt really want to spend money today

  2. Very very cool!

  3. Man, I LOVE that elk but it has to do with the Baratheons and Joffrey is such an annoying little turd.

    The process and final product on these are amazing. Thankfully I missed the first one which would keep me from convincing myself I need the whole set.

  4. @muschology Joffery is 100% Lannister.

  5. I know, but he’s still unfortunately the “heir” of Robert right?

    My real reason is that this is a 14 x 21 instead of a 14 x 20 that would fit into a ready-made frame at Aaron Brothers 🙂

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