Ben Wilson’s Death Cab For Cutie Poster

Ben Wilson has been cranking out beautifully illustrated posters for awhile now. His new one for Death Cab For Cutie is a 12″ x 18″ offset print, has an edition of 150, and costs $20. Visit

4 Responses to “Ben Wilson’s Death Cab For Cutie Poster”

  1. I won’t put up posters of bands I’m not a big fan of – so I’m yet to buy a poster by Ben Wilson – but I eagerly wait for him to produce a poster for a band I love.

    This looks great.

  2. I’ve thought this many times about Ben’s art as well, I like his art a great deal and it’s too bad that his art prints are so expensive. I would love to see some of his band images turned into affordable silkscreens.

  3. Not even bothered about ’em being silkscreen to be honest. Limited offsets would be fine – just strip them on the band text.

  4. If anyone knows where I could find a print of this, post please!

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