Kevin Tong’s Fairy Tale Art Print Series for Once Upon A Time (Onsale Info)

Kevin Tong and ABC have teamed up with Mondo to release a series of art prints inspired by classic fairy tales for their new show, Once Upon A Time. These prints will all be 18″ x 24″ metallic silver screenprints with editions of 225 for $40 each (there will also be gold variants with editions of 95 for $65 each). Rapunzel is first, then Little Red Cap, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, and Cinderella will follow. The first one goes up tomorrow (Thursday, December 8th) at a random time (follow on Twitter for announcements). Visit

21 Responses to “Kevin Tong’s Fairy Tale Art Print Series for Once Upon A Time (Onsale Info)”

  1. That’s really amazing. :) I like the silver one best.

  2. OMG…i need one of these posters
    !!!!! <3

  3. This is amazing. Love the shows :) So glad they came out with this great idea. Can’t wait for the next ones!! Totally going to buy the gold one! (:

  4. Those are beautiful, looking forward to entire set.

  5. I love the show and this is a great idea! Beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous!

  7. It’s beautiful! It looks like it’s straight out of a story book.

  8. I would love to collect them all

  9. Wow I love this idea. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  10. Love it. Really awesome border design too…

  11. Not my favorite subject matter, but this is really beautifully done.

  12. awesome!!! I love the way the hair flows.

  13. Great design from Kevin Tong. I can’t wait to see the rest, I have a feeling they’ll all look incredible together.

  14. I like the gold colorway alot but ill probably pass gl to those who r going for it

  15. I wouldn’t mind being Kevin Tong for a couple days.

  16. Ah….!!!Gold.. lovely lovely lovely. Simple yet so compelling.

  17. Wow, the second poster in a week that didn’t sell out almost immediately.

  18. still up if you want one

  19. sometimes when i’m stoney broke, i’m both saddened and gladdened to only hear about an amazing drop like this when it’s already sold out. congrats to all who scored either of these two beauts!

  20. Stoney baloney. This Tong did not impress me. I don’t know what the hell everyone is smoking. Maybe I need I little to get my phycodelics flowing. Lol!

  21. Damn! Mr. Tong killed it with these.

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