Foo Fighters Posters by Ken Taylor and Rhys Cooper

The first two Foo Fighters posters by Ken Taylor and Rhys Cooper are now up for sale. These are approximately 12″ x 36″ screenprints, have editions of 300, and cost $49 AUD each. Visit

PS, Rhys actually did a second Foo Fighters poster which will go up later this week. The show is on Thursday, the 8th, so keep an eye out for it on Friday. Cheers.

10 Responses to “Foo Fighters Posters by Ken Taylor and Rhys Cooper”

  1. Not a huge foo fan but these are sick…especially the first one

  2. Those blood drips scream erwin’s “frog prince” print.

  3. These are super awesome. Ken Taylor’s poster is fantastic.

  4. I would buy the hell out of the cobra one if it was anyone other thanks the ff….. shame.

  5. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

    These two guys are sick.

  6. Love all 3, amazing show posters by amazing artists, but I concur, no Foo for me.

  7. god i got to get one of these. ill hang it up in my house and everyone will be like “oh bigby you’re so badass, snakes, skulls and brassknuckles? dont beat me up!” and ill be like “yeaaaa”


  9. @ Bigby

    Don’t know why, but I read that as Rigby and immediately thought of Regular Show, especially since it seems like something he would say.

  10. wow those are amazing!

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