“Double Ghost” Art Print by Olly Moss (Up Now!!!!)

Olly Moss is doing something rare for him…selling a new art print! He’s even selling it as an open, time-limited edition. “Double Ghost” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint for $50. You have about 45 more minutes to purchase (ends at 12pm Central Time). Visit his shop.

25 Responses to ““Double Ghost” Art Print by Olly Moss (Up Now!!!!)”

  1. Jon Meagher (Blazedoutbee) likes to eat p3nis.

  2. @huh?

    it’s a print of the one of the pieces he did for the “ghosts” show at gallery 1988.

  3. @huh? I bought mine for my wife….does this mean I never have another shot with her?

  4. HuH is an idiot. He is not getting any poon with the shwagg he has pinned to the moldy wood pannel wallpaper in his mom’s basement…

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