“Double Ghost” Art Print by Olly Moss (Up Now!!!!)

Olly Moss is doing something rare for him…selling a new art print! He’s even selling it as an open, time-limited edition. “Double Ghost” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint for $50. You have about 45 more minutes to purchase (ends at 12pm Central Time). Visit his shop.

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  1. I wished he would have capped it so we at least knew it wasnt going to be a run of 2000. Plus $75 shipped to the us. I passed.

  2. Honestly, i would of liked this if it was smaller…but i love that Moss is offering a time release print. ..seriously $75 shipping? whoa.

  3. He’s saying $75 with shipping. Shipping is $25.

  4. 25 shipping is about right though. I just shipped a larger tube to the UK a month or so ago and it cost 35 for priority.

    I snagged one. The first thing I think of when I look at it is going to the dentist as a kid cause they used to have one of the tabletop pacman machines there.

    Maybe not the best memories, but memories none the less!

  5. $50 for a signed print from Olly is a fine price. And international shipping/handling/tube costs/exchange rate makes $25 reasonable. He actually dropped the price from $55 to $50 and is randomly including free variants into twenty tubes. I find it hard to fault Olly for any aspect of this release!

  6. I was all set- made it to the last screen and just couldn’t bring myself to spend $25 on shipping. Maybe next time.

  7. I already have 4 Olly pieces I still need to frame. I liked this one, but didn’t love it.

    GL to those who snagged one. And props to Olly for changing up his selling style for this to allow more people an opportunity to own a Moss.

  8. He sold close to 700 pieces

  9. i really like most of the clever work OM does, but this one just did not grab me at any price, would have just sat in a folio

  10. Damn!

    Missed it!

    Stupid job.

  11. i totally missed this too, but if he sold 700, i guess it we be pretty easy to pick up

  12. Haha, funny to hear U.S buyers b*tching about shipping prices, now you know how us Europeans feel every print release. Certain sellers on eBay and certain galleries (1988) take rip off shipping to unparraelled levels.

    Cheers Olly

  13. Cant believe there are flippers on eBay with Buy It Now’s at 200+

  14. Why hasnt there been a comment about how easily they could of done this themselves like the obey prints. I like this, but if someone else had made this, I don’t think it would have gotten all this hype. IMO

  15. 25 bucks is cheap for postage, try living in Australia, most times it cost that much to post a letter here! I usually pay around $30 for postage when I buy a print from overseas.

  16. Flip! Flip! Flip!


  17. Damn you Olly Moss, your genius has struck again.

    Seriously, can I please have your brain for like a day or two?


  18. I’m excited that this print is embossed! I’m sure that is going to add a lot when this is actually in hand. Can’t wait to see it up close and in person

  19. I don’t get this print at all. So he turned a Pac Man character upside down and it looks like the mouth of the Ghost from Mario, can someone clue me in?

  20. Also good luck trying to score some poon with that thing on your wall. I guess if you already have it on your wall that’s a given.

  21. Jon Meagher (Blazedoutbee) likes to eat p3nis.

  22. @huh?

    it’s a print of the one of the pieces he did for the “ghosts” show at gallery 1988.

  23. @huh? I bought mine for my wife….does this mean I never have another shot with her?

  24. HuH is an idiot. He is not getting any poon with the shwagg he has pinned to the moldy wood pannel wallpaper in his mom’s basement…

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