Book Art Posters by Trevor and Pradeep (These Will Blow You Away)

Sorry for the baiting post title, but really, these prints are mind-blowing. The artist team of Travor and Pradeep created this series of Book Art prints by constructing installations entirely from real books, then having photographer Jeremy Wong shoot them. “City”, “Sea”, and “Forest” are 20″ x 31″ lithographs for $45 each (or $110 for all three). Get them at Degree.

Click the images to see them larger:

11 Responses to “Book Art Posters by Trevor and Pradeep (These Will Blow You Away)”

  1. THESE. ARE. AWESOME. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are cool, but unless i am reading the description wrong they are also unsigned, unnumbered, and not limited. That makes them seem a bit spendy to me. But if you buy all three you can use the free shipping code.

  3. I think you just provided me with my X-Mas wish list

  4. “Forest” is A-MAZE-ING!

  5. YES. These are amazing!!

  6. I LOVE these, but 30 days for shipping means they won’t get here in time for Christmas 🙁

  7. These are absolutely rediculous. 3 pack in the bag!

    Sonia – if you read the shipping bubbles on the top of the main page (red and green), it says they garauntee delivery by Dec. 24 if you order before Dec. 10. Got me free shipping on my order too – Hot Damn!

  8. anyone know the edition size on these? thanks

  9. Rexaford – Thank you! I got so excited that I totally just clicked on the print and didn’t read the fine print 😀

  10. sick….the first 2 are my favorite.

  11. Stunning. Just stunning.

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