“A Charlie Brown Christmas” Poster by Tom Whalen (Onsale Info)

I honestly believe that Tom Whalen is the best artist in the world at screenprinted cartoon posters, he’s amazing. Dark Hall Mansion will release this new one for “A Charlie Brown Christmas” later this week. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 450. There is also a variant with an edition of 100 and a metal “Silver Bells” edition of 50. These will first be available via eMoviePoster.com on Thursday, December 1st at a random time in the morning. They’ll be available again the next day (Friday, December 2nd) at a random time in the morning directly from DarkHallMansion.com.

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  1. I was SO hopeful this would come to pass after the Great Pumpkin print and am SO happy that it has!! Woulda been a nice gesture though to extend an offer to the victims of the inefficiency of the Great Pumpkin print sale to purchase one of these in advance…hoping for too much?

  2. Can’t wait to get this one so I can hang it on my wall right next to the Great Pumpkin print.

  3. Will definitely be going after the regular Thursday. Don’t care for the colors on the variant.

    GL to everyone.

  4. larger print run should be easier to get. I guess there is no thanksgiving one?

  5. Would LOVE to see a Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown one. 8)

  6. They just announced that the standard edition price is $75.00 which means that this poster costs more with a higher print run compared to the Great Pumpkn print.
    What your your thoughts on this?

  7. A bit greedy here dont we think? 75 for a reg and then what 125 for a variant? Yikes. Now I will think about this since Im not really sure I want one for that mark up.

  8. Release pricing for “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Editions:
    Standard Edition-$75
    Variant Edition-$125
    Silver Bells Metal Edition-$250

    Anywhere in the US: $13 for Priority Mailing
    International: anywhere Worldwide: $25

  9. I just hope this release doesn’t become as much of a disastrous mess as the Great Pumpkin…

  10. They’ll still sell out.

  11. I’m just trying to get this for my mom, so the edition going up 43% doesn’t bother me! The price going up 50% is harder to swallow :[ But yeah, I agree that they’ll sell out.

  12. The lack of a Thanksgiving print to complete the holiday print trilogy is kind of a bummer.

    Variant looks like they left a regular out in the sun.

  13. Well im not saying it wont sell out at all. Im saying its f’in annoying to jack the prices AND edition sizes like that. Just annoys me.

  14. I wanted this print so badly, I think that it’s a shame that both sites were so adamant about “fixing” the debacle of the last drop, but now they’re going to raise the price, not by $10 or $15, but by $25? These people need to get their stories straight. Too bad.

  15. Yo Admin, you gonna have those posts about the upcoming calenders for the year 2012? Always some sweet ones in there.

  16. I agree with you guys that it definitely does suck that there was an increase of the edition and an increase in price. It also sucks that there wasn’t a Thanksgiving release to make it a trilogy.

    However, the print is still awesome and a must-have to fans of A Charlie Brown Christmas. An increase of $25.00 is again, disappointing, but not something that will keep fans away. The increase in size and price could have been made to thwart off flippers. Let’s hope it does.

    As far as eMoviePoster making up for the terrible handling of The Great Pumpkin, they did release an email with a special offer of no shipping charge for prints being purchased from them for a time. They also sent numerous apologies, issued refunds in a timely manner, and did the best they could. They simply weren’t ready for the demand for this print.

    At least with this release they’ve got an entire page dedicated to it. An announcement on their homepage. An increased edition for more of an opportunity. And a significant amount of notice for those interested.

    Again, GL everyone who still plans on purchasing.

  17. 75 bucks? ha

  18. I was going to try and get in on this to compliment my Pumpkin Patch one, but for $75, not including shipping (which is likely $11)? F&(#K that.

    Greedy bastards trying to milk something good.

  19. Wow they even raised shipping by $2 to $13. Terrible

    So this is going to set people back $88, WOW. GL people you now have one less person to compete with

  20. Greedy bastards!!!!!!!!!

  21. I haven’t wanted a Mondo poster in a bit and am letting this one pass (not into the cartoon that much), but complaining about $88 for art?

    Come on guys, that’s nothing. If anything it’ll keep the flippers at bay.

    I mean, if you really like Charlie Brown go for it. It’s not even a bill.

    On top of all that, it’ll still sell out. If I was them I’d have them for a hell of a lot more than $100. But then again, I’m lucky to get $40 for a print that size. :)

  22. Really, guys?

    Greedy for charging 75$ for a limited edition screenprint?!

    There are a lot of people and hours involved in a print release, and Tom has to be paid an appropriate wage for his skill and time. Just be glad you’re able to buy affordable art.

  23. In general I wouldnt complain about a print being 88 bucks after shipping. Ive paid a hell of a lot more than that for a print. But It’s more the idea the precedent had been set on their pricing with the Halloween print. And now they jacked everything up on it. Just disappointing. Ill sit this one out now just on the principle, not the pricing.

  24. I’m with Kim – anyone who really wants this print would not be complaining about the price. on the other hand, if you’re just looking to buy this, flip it and make a quick buck, I can see why you’d be ranting on about the price hike. why should flippers cash in while the artist starves?

  25. No interest in flipping .Love the print, love everything about it. Love Whalen, love Charlie Brown Christmas, the wife likes it (doesn’t happen often, LOL). Here’s the deal, I paid $25 less for the Great Pumpkin, $2 less on shipping, there is not much difference in the printing, time invloved, or shipping, yet, with shipping its $28 more plus a ton more prints. I don’t know how you can look at this any other way than greed.

  26. Good grief. If you make any new widget, you test the market with a price much lower than your ideal, and a run that you can support. If things go well and the incredibly high demand reflects that you can now safely invest in making more of them and selling them for what they are actually worth, well, that’s just Economics 101, not greed. How many of us are blessed with the opportunity to feed our families with our art? And some of you would hold artists back because of your distorted sense of what? Entitlement? Who’s really the greedy one here?

  27. … your favorite band comes to town and plays your favorite hole in the wall. You know the one where you get to stand face to face with the band and only pay 10 bucks to get in? Then the rest of the world discovers them and a few months later they come through town again, only this time, they play the arena. You sit way in the back and pay 4 times as much for the ticket. Are they greedy now? Did you get screwed because they are only supposed to charge YOU 10 bucks still? I can go on and on…

  28. Also keep in mind that this one has more colors then the pumpkin. Not saying that justifies the bump in price. I find it strange that the steel price stayed the same.

  29. For the people defending this, get a clue.

    The previous print (The Great Pumpkin Patch) had an edition of 180 and sold for $50. It sold extremely well. Now think about that, and then wonder why this was expanded to 450 and increased to $75.

    If you seriously think it’s because of all the hard work Whalen is putting into it, or eevn that it has extra colors and thus somehow justifies this increase you don’t have a clue. It’s greed, plain and simple. I feel truly sorry for the sheep who can’t see that.

    Eat it up suckers

  30. Correction above, meant to write an edition of 280

  31. man, Ryan, your logic is incredibly tragic. Like really sad, lmao

  32. Michael, using “lmao” is incredibly tragic. Like really sad.
    The only logic behind thinking this is greed based, is that YOU simply don’t WANT to pay more. Tom Whalen is legit. Accusing him of greed is really sad. Wanting your favorite artists to remain in anonymity so that you can keep getting a steal for their work is really sad. Fanboy collectors who get upset when “their” hobby gains mainstream attention is really sad. The fact that this is a good thing for an artist who has undoubtedly paid his dues, and none of you can see this, is really sad. My logic was spot on, so let me dumb it down for ya chief. Cool things get popular. Popular things cost more. That’s life.

  33. Apparently “legit” artists don’t milk something they know people will eat up. Guess you’re pretty new to all this. And you act like Whalen is some nobody and he was somehow discovered after the previous Peanuts print and now all of a sudden that means he should charge more. You should probably do some research or something because you don’t have a clue. I love the irony of you saying “lmao” is sad and then using the word “Chief”. That’s hilarious.

    Also touting yourself and saying you’re “spot-on” doesn’t make it true, but keep patting your self on the back “Chief” lmfao

  34. Michael, I guess you’re new to all of this. If a business has something that sells well, you up the price and let the masses dictate the price point, it’s rather simple.

    If it is indeed too high of a price, they won’t sell out. And you know what that means, the price may go back down.

    But people seem to go crazy over these and it’ll sell out. Like I said before, charge more for them, if people want them, they’ll pay!

    Hell, I’d gladly pay over $100 for a Horkey I want, just to keep douches from buying it and flipping it for that price. I’d rather give it to the artist any day.

    And I’m still missing the point, $88? Really? Yeah, I can see it’s more than before …but it’s still only $88.

    Oh and if I wasn’t clear, Ryan is 100% right. I say that as an artist and an art purchaser….


  35. All I’ll say is, there’s a fine line between Supply and Demand, and Greed, this is clearly the latter. This is not only an increase in the price but the edition too. Going from 280 to 450 is a rather significant jump. Just to put things into a monetary perspective. The total sales for the first standard edition print not including shipping was: $14,000. The total for this print will be: $33,750.

    Look I’m happy you guys are willing to pay so much for this I really am, there’s a sucker born every minute. I’m also pleased that I paid $30 less for my superior print in the series, I’d rather look at that happily than look at this one on my wall and know every time that it was produced with greed in mind. But hey Greed is good apparently. Whalen and co would go starving otherwise.

    That’s all I’ll say about this. If you feel this is a great deal, go for it. I and clearly others here disagree with that.

    See you guys for the Easter Beagle print which will have an edition of 1,000 and cost $100

  36. I really dont want to get into this whole thing. But it sounds to me, if I am reading this right that people are implying that Tom is the reason for the price hike. I feel pretty safe in saying that is 100% not correct, and the price jump was due to emovie and dhm pretty much knowing they could jack the prices and still sell.

    That all said, im sure the paper editions will sell out which is kinda sad. But I would be pretty shocked if the metals do. It’s just not a print to me that even works on metal, dont understand the reason for printing on it in this case.

  37. Capitalism at it’s best!!!!
    I think the ninety-nine percenters are upset. (joke).

  38. Don’t like it don’t buy it and stop your whining. People complain about flippers and now something is being done about it and you whine.

  39. Shawn, you are sorely mistaken if you think this is to deter flippers. Flippers gonna flip, doesnt matter the price. I dont really have a problem with it, cause if I miss a print I want, I need the secondary market.

  40. The main point was don’t like don’t but it and stop bitching.

  41. Looks like emovie is already having server issues.

  42. Yup, Isaac hit the nail on the head. He also pointed out that he is an artist. I too am an artist who makes his living at it, so I’m sure our perspective is different. To each his own, but an unjustified accusation of greed just isn’t right. Maybe if you are the type of person who angrily finger points and passes judgement on things which you have no knowledge of, you should stick to baseball cards.

  43. Good goin’ Emovieposter.com…. If your site can’t handle the traffic. Please, don’t handle the drop.

  44. Looking like it’s gonna be an even bigger disaster then Great Pumpkin…how hard is it for these guys to get an onsale right? >=/

  45. Baker you’re probably right about pinning the blame on emovieposter and DHM. I shouldn’t have made it seem like I was blaming Whalen or soley him. I’m sure he is aware of the pricing beforehand however.

    I’m sure Emovieposter is justifying the hike by stating they had to revamp their ordering system and strengthen their servers, etc.. but looks like they’re still crapping out,

    Also Rysn, I’d love to see your work! Have a link or anything?

  46. After a lot of loading, I got my standard edition.

    GL to those trying today / tomorrow.

  47. Load…load…load…load…success. Just pray there ain’t another refund coming like last time…

  48. Can’t believe the site worked faster on my phone haha Snagged a standard since I liked the color way more :)

  49. Already 4 up for sale on Ebay.

    Just got my poster after suffering through 20 minutes of server errors.

  50. Finally got through, and completed an order, but their site is a hot mess. Hopefully the use some of the $33K they’re making on this drop to buy a better server…..

  51. Did anybody get an order confirmation?

  52. I have gotten no confirmation email and my card has not been charged.

  53. lol kyle, guess the theories of people paying more just to deter flippers kind of falls flat huh

  54. Surprised the Steels sold out.

    Even more surprised that there’s a regular on eBay with bits to $101. Hah.

  55. How are there any of these on eBay without confirmation emails and/or cards having been charged?

  56. Someone already sold one for $149 too:


    Too bad you non-flippers had to pay to “deter the flippers” (according to some here)

  57. According to the site:

    “Congratulations to all who were able to successfully order (if you you made payment and received confirmation, then your order was successful)”

    So, does a receipt of payment count as confirmation, or are we getting refunded if we don’t get an actual confirmation e-mail?

  58. It seems like the only people who got any form of confirmation are those who paid with PayPal and that the only confirmation they received was FROM PayPal. I would then assume that the Emovieposter folks are still sorting all the orders out, but that verbage stating “if you did this and received that” contradicts that assumption. Meanwhile dozens of flippers on eBay are raking in the dough as if they already have them in their hands. >=/

  59. handbags

  60. I think it sucks that an artist is called greedy for trying to make more money. I don’t know what you guys do for a living, but I bet nobody would call you greedy if you asked your boss for a raise.

  61. Confirmation seekers:

    When placing your order, you went through the SUBMIT part, which routed you to enter in CC info or PayPal info, whatever. After that, you had to click the big pink square that said CONFIRM ORDER. That was the confirmation of the order, as far as I know.

    Emails should be arriving shortly. It took quite a while to receive anything on the last release. With this doubling in size, the amount of emails to go out double as well (for the most part)

    Relax. If it turns out that you didnt get one, there’s still DHM tomorrow.

  62. Just received my confirmation.

    Again, congrats to those who got one today and GL to those trying tomorrow

  63. Hell yeah just got confirmation too. They sold out in about 30 minutes, so I just made it. Phew!

  64. +1 with eMoviePoster confirmation. Strangely enough I got in at 8:30am PST and was out at 8:32am. I must have hit some kind of sweet spot that took me straight through.
    Thanks Santa : )

  65. Here’s to trying again tomorrow.

  66. Got the metal!

  67. Did anyone think of the license agreement with whoever owns Charlie Brown might have caused the price increase?

  68. I absolutely love this!!! great posters :)

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