Megabolt Charity Poster by Brett Stenson

Here’s a really cool, heartbreaking poster from Megabolt. Brett Stenson’s poster was made to embrace the doodle, and it was printed with a number of children in a Portland area hospital. It’s a 10″ x 26″  screenprint, has an edition of 75, and costs $20 (or $25 with a Megabolt sketchbook). Proceeds will help fund art workshops with sick kids. I feel pretty strongly about what this company is doing, they are well worthy of support. Visit Megabolt.

7 Responses to “Megabolt Charity Poster by Brett Stenson”

  1. As always, thanks for the love, Mitch.

  2. bought one because, well shit you have to… Cash goes to help sick kids… Plus it will look good in my kid’s play area that’s really my area too.

  3. Just posted this to our FB page, so rad! Keep up the great work Megabolt! Hope you sell out quick!

  4. I love the hell out of this!

  5. Awesome they’re doing this-fantastic project!

    Helps kids by getting them involved + money raised is always most needed to further the good, God bless!

    Rock it Megabolt-more posters!!


  6. Awesome.

  7. I can get down with just about everything on this poster! Mainly Jeeps and motorcycles. Sign me up!

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