“Night of the Treeple” Art Prints by Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee just released a bunch of prints in his “Night of the Treeple” series. Basically, it’s a fictional story that he made up about mutant trees (awesome). There are six prints total, all of them 17″ x 22″ giclees with editions of 100 for $50 each. Visit Zerofriends.

3 Responses to ““Night of the Treeple” Art Prints by Alex Pardee”

  1. These are outstandingly cool!

  2. I absolutely love Pardee’s stuff but I’m always perplexed by the fact that he almost refuses to have his work screen printed. Most of it is just a few colors and would work perfectly as a screen print.
    I get why Geddes prints giclees, not Pardee though.

    Either way these are great. I dig his sense of humor for sure. Bring back ‘Bunnywith’ Alex!

  3. Wow, i really like the tree people it is so beautifuly colored and so pretty i like it alot it is one of my favorites

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