Pinocchio and Mad Doctor Posters by Tom Whalen (Onsale Info)

The Disney series continues at Mondo with two awesome new releases by Tom Whalen coming today. Pinocchio is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 400, and will cost $50. Mad Doctor is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 370, and will cost $45. Both go up today (Friday, November 4th) at a random time. Visit

9 Responses to “Pinocchio and Mad Doctor Posters by Tom Whalen (Onsale Info)”

  1. Mondo and Obey sitting in a tree… Chi ching! Raking in all the money. I love their posters, dont get me wrong. They just seem like the pimps of this posters game. Less and less comments made here. It’s a phycological trap and we are locked in to the name; Mondo! Buy! Other great posters don’t sell out. Funny money stuff going on here. Lol!!

  2. I agree to a degree, but Mondo and the artists they work with are making posters people want. Otherwise they wouldn’t sell out in an instant. Not sure about Obey, but as far as Mondo goes, the quality hasn’t slipped and the prices are fair. I’m just glad they’re acquiring the licensing and making these things available!

  3. what i hate the most is that probably 90% or more of the posters sold on mondo just end up on ebay for the 10x their mondo price. its fair, and i dont see it ever stopping, nor should i really complain butt i am slightly drunk and still butthurt that i can never get to the checkout with a poster…life goes on and all but the saddest part is that the people who actually love and collect posters and art in general get screwed by this system.

  4. @ADEVOL it’s “Cha ching” not “Chi ching”

  5. It’s marketing… They have the name, people buy their shit fast… But it does really suck when you want a poster and have it in your cart but it’s gone by the time you check out a minute later… I wanted this for my kid

  6. It’s frustrating but success will come with quality – it’s inevitable. With success comes people trying to make a profit. Flippers are ticket touts, basically.

    Let’s hope that with success doesn’t come a drop in quality.

    The one thing is to try not to give into your weakness and buy from flippers – hopefully they’ll get bored and move onto the next thing.


  7. Just wait a bit. I was able to pick up a print I really wanted for sale price after the flippers realized they can’t sell them for 200 dollars.

    Luckily, I only want a mondo print every now and then. I don’t really care for Obey stuff. So most of the time I luck out and get to pick what I want.

  8. For those who complain about flippers, do you ever think that there is an issue behind those flipping. I for one do it but I let the market dictate the price. I start it at the price I bought it for. Also, I have two kids to feed and one primary source of income. So if I can make some extra money in my pocket to do things with the boys…I will. If u do not like it, suck it up.

  9. And, I am not a bastard. Just unemployed and need to bring money in other than the wife’s income.

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