Natalie Irish Is Making Some Incredibly Unique Art Prints…With Her Lips

Jermaine Rogers gave me the heads up about an exciting new artist, and I have to say, I was pretty blown away. Natalie Irish creates images by kissing the canvas. Yep, her prints are created entirely by her lips, it’s crazy (check out the video below). She has a number of limited edition screenprints available, they look great in person. With Christmas coming up, these would all make great gifts. Visit

7 Responses to “Natalie Irish Is Making Some Incredibly Unique Art Prints…With Her Lips”

  1. Funny, just saw a guy on Tosh.O do it with his dick.

  2. She is really good. I wonder how much paint she has accidentally swallowed over the years…

  3. I bet she’s a GREAT kisser 🙂
    What she is does with her lips is pretty unbelievable

  4. Very sensual

  5. Using with her lips? Very amazing! It creates a very unique art. Well, art can be used in our different parts of our body. Natalie have such a brilliant idea to produce a very unique art prints using her lips.

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  6. That’s some crazy shit right there. Paint in mouth (gross) and lips on a canvas (also gross). But amazing for sure. The skill is off the charts. Not only do you have to get the artistic work done, but you also have to be very physical. It doesn’t seem like much, but lips aren’t exactly hard to injure.

  7. @Shawn, I was thinking the same thing. lol

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