“Lotus War Pyramid” Art Print by James Jean

If there ever was an essential print purchase, this is it. James Jean’s “Lotus War Pyramid” is a 26″ x 30″ offset print, has an edition of 555, and costs only $40. This is a great price for a signed/numbered Jean print, especially one this large. Visit JamesJean.com.

10 Responses to ““Lotus War Pyramid” Art Print by James Jean”

  1. c’mon man! i’m trying to cut back on print purchases, but i think this is a must have.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I would have never known about this artist or many others without this site.

  3. Really like this and go to purchase then… $40 for postage – makes me stop. True for so many of Jeans prints – International shipping is ridiculous.

  4. This looks great but I would like to see a close up of the image. Has anyone seen any close up shots?

  5. Close-ups would be nice, but it’s James Jean…so I took his word for it.

  6. http://jamesjean.com./blog/F7130A/lotus-war-pyramid

  7. HUGE thanx to OMG Posters for introducing me to James Jean! This is the first print I’ve been able to purchase and I am so excited! :)(:

  8. Hah! Exactly, archer.

    This is a stunning image. I wish Jean would get into more screenprinting already, but this will have to do for now.

  9. I’m in.

  10. Awesome! What more can I say. Bought.

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