Florian Bertmer x Moon Editions x Halloween

All of this and more coming tomorrow (Saturday, October 22nd) at a random time. That’s all the info you get. Keep your eyes on Moon Editions.

50 Responses to “Florian Bertmer x Moon Editions x Halloween”

  1. Finally! +1 bag o’ bones.

  2. Hell yeah, scored a Johnny Bag-O-Bones! Goodnight!

  3. Bag O Bones here too 🙂 Bedthyme now.

  4. hmmmm.. Johnny Bag-O-Bones & Der Blitz Wolf, I’m pleased with these.. hmm

  5. yeah blitz wolf! thank you student loan. bertmer = baphomet.

  6. So what was the “and more”?

  7. Cool stuff. Just a little curious where the “and more” stuff is from the “All of this and more coming tomorrow”. I’m just seeing the 4 pieces shown above?

  8. Perhaps “more” refers to the bonus mini mystery prints.

  9. I bought the whole shebang. Awesome shiz all around.

  10. “+ A Mini Mystery Print!” seems to be so mini that I can´t even find it 🙂

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