Florian Bertmer x Moon Editions x Halloween

All of this and more coming tomorrow (Saturday, October 22nd) at a random time. That’s all the info you get. Keep your eyes on Moon Editions.

50 Responses to “Florian Bertmer x Moon Editions x Halloween”

  1. This is going to be awesome.

  2. …just…wow….

  3. Florian + Moon = Killin It! Gotta get me a skele

  4. Agreed, rambo. Bertmer’s been coming out with some really rad shit.. Been following him for years, but this past year has been especially awesome.

  5. Halloween toys and decorations. Wow. I’m so excited.

  6. O man that is awesome

  7. Just beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!

  8. When the heck are these going up??

  9. It is the 22nd isn’t it?

  10. @ PAK I was wondering the same thing

  11. Daanngg! Wat time is going up? I’m going Day of Dead @ Hollywood cemetary. Gonna miss out on this :(

  12. Has this gone up already, or are they just waiting til midnight or some spooky time like that?

  13. Hurry please. I want that skeleton.

  14. If these go up at 11:59 tonight I will be slightly aggravated

  15. Been checking all day. What’s the deal?

  16. if these go up at 11:59 west coast time I will be aggravated!

  17. but not enough to sit here the whole time and wait. Fuck a saturday night. These MoonxBertmer prints have been amazing. Only missing 1 out of everything thus far!

  18. Does anyone know if this is really going on sale today? Getting impatient

  19. Oh goody.

  20. looks like soon

  21. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a Florian Bertmer Hexenbrett set that they might want to part with…thanks. – Chris

  22. they are going to be up by 11:59 pm tonight!

  23. Haha thanks florian. I appreciate the sarcasm

  24. Florian! Since you’re reading these comments, I might as well ask–are we going to see your Cowboys & Aliens print one of these days? I hope it gets released.

  25. hey Dylansdad,i really hope so but for legal reasons i can`t say anything more right now;)
    no seriously,they are going up at 11:59 tonight,PAK!

  26. Dammit! Haha

  27. 11:59 PST?

  28. What time zone we talkin about here?

  29. east coast time please.

  30. Their blog says “Opening this evening at 11:59 pst.”

  31. their store page is down?

  32. goddamnit.

  33. Aaaaand that’s officially the last time I complain about a release time.

  34. Good job PAK

    haha jk ;P

  35. oof. going to be a long 3 more hours. Still worth it.

  36. worth it, Im on the east coast too.

  37. Floriaaaannnnnn….c’mon man!!!

  38. Sooooo…

  39. No thanks. Kinda lame.

  40. They’re toying with us.. (har har)

  41. Finally! +1 bag o’ bones.

  42. Hell yeah, scored a Johnny Bag-O-Bones! Goodnight!

  43. Bag O Bones here too :) Bedthyme now.

  44. hmmmm.. Johnny Bag-O-Bones & Der Blitz Wolf, I’m pleased with these.. hmm

  45. yeah blitz wolf! thank you student loan. bertmer = baphomet.

  46. So what was the “and more”?

  47. Cool stuff. Just a little curious where the “and more” stuff is from the “All of this and more coming tomorrow”. I’m just seeing the 4 pieces shown above?

  48. Perhaps “more” refers to the bonus mini mystery prints.

  49. I bought the whole shebang. Awesome shiz all around.

  50. “+ A Mini Mystery Print!” seems to be so mini that I can´t even find it :)

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