“The Swing, The Soul, The Truth” Art Print Set by James Flames (Gold and Silver Versions)

These little print sets by James Flames represent some of the best money you can possibly spend on wallspace. Both variant versions of “The Swing, The Soul, The Truth” include three 8″ x 10″ screenprints, have editions of 45, and cost only $25/set. Additionally, James has opened a new t-shirt section, everything is looking awesome. Visit JamesFlames.com.

11 Responses to ““The Swing, The Soul, The Truth” Art Print Set by James Flames (Gold and Silver Versions)”

  1. These are awesome. I would definitely get one if I didn’t already have the regular set. Wish he had an all glow in the dark set, though.

  2. very cool ! +1, once again, price is hard to beat

  3. Damn, missed out on it!

  4. Damn those went fast.

  5. Thanks Mitch, and thanks to everyone who snagged a set or a shirt – you guys are the absolute best.

  6. had to go back….+1 synth shirt

  7. a little disappointed that they were reprinted but they are awesome, good work buddy

  8. I’m sure James can confirm, but I believe these have existed since the initial run.

  9. Yep, I’ve just been sitting on these for a really long time, and took some of them to the festivals over the summer – finally let them loose online.

  10. cool, I have a set of the black/white ones and they get a lot of good comments from people that see em on my wall. big fan of your style

  11. That’s awesome, thanks man.

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