Our Newest Sponsor: RAMP Gallery

Our newest sponsor is Paul Herring’s Ramp Gallery. Paul left a VP position at Fender Guitars to “organize/archive” his collection of over 6000 flyers and posters, and to open a gallery featuring the collection for sale. After six months of development, he launched the site a month ago. About 1/2 the works are flyers and 1/2 are larger format silkscreen posters. The posters tend to be more recent in terms of age, and the flyers date back to the late 70’s, with a major focus on the late 80’s and early 90’s. On the flyer side, there is also a focus on the Northwest, but as with the both the flyers and the posters, they do represent a good portion of major US markets. A lot of the stuff is awesome, check out RAMPGallery.com.

2 Responses to “Our Newest Sponsor: RAMP Gallery”

  1. So … many … posters …. arghhh. Love all the Malleus on there, too bad I have no more poster money!

  2. Hey there, trying to reach Paul Herring from here in Portland Oregon, have some remarkable concert posters from working in the industry myself. my email is mezzymez@gmail.com

    thanks & cheers


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