Our Newest Sponsor: RAMP Gallery

Our newest sponsor is Paul Herring’s Ramp Gallery. Paul left a VP position at Fender Guitars to “organize/archive” his collection of over 6000 flyers and posters, and to open a gallery featuring the collection for sale. After six months of development, he launched the site a month ago. About 1/2 the works are flyers and 1/2 are larger format silkscreen posters. The posters tend to be more recent in terms of age, and the flyers date back to the late 70’s, with a major focus on the late 80’s and early 90’s. On the flyer side, there is also a focus on the Northwest, but as with the both the flyers and the posters, they do represent a good portion of major US markets. A lot of the stuff is awesome, check out RAMPGallery.com.

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  1. So … many … posters …. arghhh. Love all the Malleus on there, too bad I have no more poster money!

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