Daniel Danger at Rotofugi Gallery

I was too wrapped up to post about this show over the weekend, so most of it is already sold out, but I thought you’d still like to see it. The AMAZING painting pictured below is still available, as well as one of the new art prints. Check it all out at Rotofugi.com.

14 Responses to “Daniel Danger at Rotofugi Gallery”

  1. Awesome as always.

  2. Would have been amazing to see these in person. Congrats on the awesome show DD!

  3. f*****ing A!!!!!

  4. Incredible work.

  5. I just want those lanterns. Now.

  6. Anyone fancy lending me say… four grand? I’m good for it I swear.

  7. man i really want a paper lamp.. or 5

  8. I think DD said that the first batch of lanterns were 200, and there are another 800 on the way. So there will be plenty of them to go around.

  9. MAN I wish I had $4k for that painting — it’s fantastic! DD, please make a print of that for those of us of modest means!

  10. That painting 100% needs to be made into an art print.

  11. I’m with you Josh. Are you listening DD?

  12. He said over at EB that he took some proper photographs of them so he could do the separations. So hopefully we will see prints of some of those paintings in the future!

  13. I think the top painting is my favorite Danger ever. Highly surprised if that doesn’t become a print. Reminds me of the Radiohead song ‘A wolf at the door’.

  14. Incredible, I love that painting. ALL of the new pieces look amazing.

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