“Day of the Dead 2011” Art Print by Ernesto Yerena

At this point, you probably know Ernesto Yerena pretty well for his DOTD stuff, so a new one for 2011 comes as no surprise. “Day of the Dead 2011″ is an 18″ x 24” screenprint, has an edition of 75, and will cost $45. It goes up Monday, October 17th at a random time. Visit his shop.

7 Responses to ““Day of the Dead 2011” Art Print by Ernesto Yerena”

  1. A must have. Always been a big fan of Dia de los Muertos art.

  2. That looks a lot like this print…


  3. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y163/muskito1/SKULL.jpg

    Just sayin’

  4. Me too! I love it.

  5. Is this really sold out already? Did I miss it?

  6. Went on Sale last night around 10 PM PST

  7. @Kris @Derka Derka if you read Shepard’s mention of the poster it says it’s a follow up to the design they collaborated on in 2008 which is what you linked out to.


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