Mondo Mystery Movie IX (Onsale Info)

We JUST got done with Mondo Mystery Moves III-VIII (I’ll have the full coverage in a day or two), but I wanted to give a quick heads-up about number IX. Promised to be the biggest one yet, the event will take place in Austin on October 29th. Regular tickets will be $75 and include a poster, plus special tickets will be available for $200 that include the poster and a variant. These go up for sale today (Monday, October 10th) at 2pm Central Time. Get more info at their blog, then the time nears, keep an eye on Mondo’s Twitter account.

15 Responses to “Mondo Mystery Movie IX (Onsale Info)”

  1. Can’t imagine why there’s such a difference in price for the ticket & regular versus the ticket, regular, & variant.

  2. oh, simple, it’s to make more money.

  3. metal variant perhaps?

  4. Horkey’s JP variant was $215 or thereabouts so it’s not nearly as steep as that.

  5. 2pm???

  6. Yeah, not seeing anything yet. Fake out?

  7. are the tickets sold through their store or some other site?

  8. ahh, my apologies for asking already answered questions; i fully read the blog post

  9. these tickets are sold no where..

  10. Almost as much fun as the Whalen ‘Pumpkin’ release.

  11. Wow. What a long and drawn out process. I was able to score 2 tickets with the regular print.

    Good luck everyone trying and congrats to those lucky / patient enough to score tickets.

  12. +2 Variant

  13. omg ever post anything new anymore?

  14. He’s busy making news, jackass.

  15. I got 2 regulars and am only needing 1. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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