“It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” Poster by Tom Whalen (Onsale Info)

I’m traveling today, so I wasn’t going to post anything, but I thought you’d like to see this. Dark Hall Mansion just launched their first officially licensed Peanuts print. Tom Whalen’s “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 280. There is also a variant with an edition of 50 and a steel version with an edition of 20. These will be sold in a fashion that is a tad complicated, but here’s the deal…Starting this morning, and lasting for one week, you can buy a copy via eMoviePoster.com (you also get free shipping if you buy anything from their upcoming Halloween auction). After that, you can get one directly from Dark Hall Mansion on Wednesday, October 12th. Lastly, they’re giving away a steel version for free, just sign up for the mailing list at DarkHallMansion.com.

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  1. same here… no luck..

  2. So many complainers on FB. What is wrong with people?

  3. One final from us at DHM: we DO care, we WILL fix this, and we very much DON’T just throw out apologies and move on. We also never take for granted the the massive love and interest we receive on our projects, nor will we ever be indifferent to the business directed our way. If other firms have taken that approach with you, it’s unfortunate, but also unacceptable as you don’t need to settle. We understand if you’ve had bad experiences elsewhere but we won’t allow that to define us nor would ever want any of you to lower your expectations as we respect you don’t need to settle for less. It’s simple, end of the day, we put together projects we believe in and want you all excited about and part of that is knowing you don’t have to hassle purchasing them, we agree with that and we’ll see to it on our next. Know that.

    Thanks very much,


  4. I got my print today! It looks awesome. I got an email from emovieposter.com warning of the extra secure package and how it can damage the print if not handled properly but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it wasn’t going to be. Just be careful with the tape and you should be fine.

    It’s in a frame and hanging on my wall already. Thanks guys!

    Also If ordes were done in sequential order then I must have just made it as I have #279/280 😀

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