“It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” Poster by Tom Whalen (Onsale Info)

I’m traveling today, so I wasn’t going to post anything, but I thought you’d like to see this. Dark Hall Mansion just launched their first officially licensed Peanuts print. Tom Whalen’s “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 280. There is also a variant with an edition of 50 and a steel version with an edition of 20. These will be sold in a fashion that is a tad complicated, but here’s the deal…Starting this morning, and lasting for one week, you can buy a copy via eMoviePoster.com (you also get free shipping if you buy anything from their upcoming Halloween auction). After that, you can get one directly from Dark Hall Mansion on Wednesday, October 12th. Lastly, they’re giving away a steel version for free, just sign up for the mailing list at DarkHallMansion.com.

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  1. Struggling to find where to buy on the link provided. Site isn’t the easiest to navigate.

  2. If there was ever a print to hang for only one month of the year this one is it! Just looking at these pics is like traveling back to my childhood with the ghost of Halloweens past. I can almost taste the candy corn and pixie sticks!

  3. Yeah. Where the heck is this for sale. I’m not finding it either.

  4. Must have!

  5. I must have this. Where the hell is it?

  6. i’ll give a limb up for one of these.

  7. Is this already sold out?

  8. Err, I just found this. Good luck everyone.

    ‘eMoviePoster.com has a 24 hour wait until your registration is active but email them in the morning (phillip@emovieposter.com) to purchase the poster if you dont want to wait for the registration to be active.’

  9. whalen kills it again…

  10. If we order it, do we still receive free shipping from eMovieposters.com?

  11. from Whalen site
    sale info:
    • pre-orders: thu, oct 6 – tues, oct 11
    • where: emovieposter.com
    • general drop: wed, oct 12
    • where: dark hall mansion
    • don’t forget to register your email address at dark hall mansion for a chance to win a signed steel variant!

  12. This is killing me.

  13. Anyone have any luck with emailing phillip? Yep, this is killing me, too. And, the wife likes it, so it is a good thing.

  14. Nothing at all….emailed right after they posted it on FB

  15. http://www.emovieposter.com/agallery/item/1272.html

  16. I’m not finding it anywhere on that site. Is it hidden until 24 hours after you register? Weird, weird, weird.

  17. Gotta say: as a monster “Great Pumpkin” fan, I’d be happy with the regular version. But the variant? Crazy good.

  18. what a hot mess

  19. I have a variant on order I think

  20. got a couple

  21. variant ordered!!

  22. http://www.emovieposter.com/agallery/search/whalen/2.html

  23. Love that purple.

  24. Thanks Dylan. Ordered.

  25. Maybe… I have no idea how that site works, and I assume they’ve been taking e-mail requests for hours already. Not sure what’s going to come of this.

  26. Here’s the deal, I just received an e-mail from Phillip with instructions on how to pay (after I ordered through the site). So just be patient, it should come.

  27. From Phillips’s email:

    To order:

    Simply click on the image or heading above to go to whichever of the three you want (if you want more than one, you will need to click on those images separately) and click “Order”.
    A pop-up window will appear, and you need to fill out that information.
    There is a space at the bottom for “Questions/Comments”. If you have any special instructions, enter them there, AND IF YOU WANT MORE THAN ONE EXAMPLE OF THAT EDITION, YOU MUST ENTER THAT THERE AS WELL.
    Then click “Send Order”.
    Normally, we would respond to you with the cost of shipping depending on where you live (because shipping prices vary greatly all over the world). BUT BECAUSE THERE IS THE POSSIBILITY ONE OR MORE OF THESE EDITIONS COULD SELL OUT TODAY, YOU MUST SEND PAYMENT AS WELL TO INSURE THAT YOU ARE IN LINE TO PURCHASE THESE EDITIONS.
    Here are payment instructions:

    You may pay via PayPal manually to “mail@emovieposter.com”, but know that PayPal has many glitches, so you absolutely should e-mail us separately stating that you completed payment. Here are step-by-step instructions if you need help paying manually with PayPal.

    We accept all major credit cards via phone at +1 (417) 256-9616 during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 AM CST to 5 PM CST except from 12 to 1 when we take lunch), via e-mail, or via fax at +1 (417) 257-6948.

    If you live in the United States, pay us the total cost of what you are ordering, plus $11 for U.S. shipping (unless you are ordering the Steel Edition, in which case do NOT pay shipping now, because we do not yet know the actual cost of shipping, but it will solely be the actual cost of shipping, plus $3 for packing materials).

    If you live outside the U.S., pay us the total cost of what you are ordering only (we will determine the actual cost of shipping, and give you that information once we have your address, and then you will be asked to pay that amount at that time).

  28. Thanks Dylan, and got the email from them right after I clicked on the link.

  29. I wonder when the refunds will start.

  30. I buy from emovie auctions on a regular basis in their weekly poster sales. They’re solid and pretty quick.
    Good luck folks


  31. I placed an order for a Variant. Payed via PayPal. Hopefully it doesn’t get canceled.

  32. Called them over the phone and got thru. They said they were swamped and most likely the variants are sold out. Hopefully, I get something.

  33. My payment went through at 08:06:52 PDT. I wonder where that puts me in the variant line. Gotta get the purple.

  34. man, what a complicated archaic site!

  35. I guess if it does not work out…there are always the APs from Tom’s site.

  36. Variants are gone. As of about 3 minutes ago, there are still regulars and steel variants available…but going FAST. This poster is just killer.

  37. Can anyone give me input. Is it safe to put your CC info in the comments section?

  38. There is urban_gallery on ebay who claims to have two of each.

  39. From Bruce:

    “We have received your payment, and are processing all the orders in the exact order in which we received payment. Once we have done so, we will let you know if you did indeed get the poster or posters you wanted. Thank you very much. Please be understanding of how crazy things are here right now!”

  40. This is absolutely wonderful. GREAT work!

  41. Just received this:

    “We received your order request for the IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN poster.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL IF YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE PAYMENT (we know you want to know if you did get what you ordered, but we won’t know that for a while, and when we do, we will contact you, and it slows us down if you e-mail us about it).

    So if you have already called us to pay, submitted your credit card information through our website, OR paid with PayPal, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL.

    But ONLY if you have NOT paid, read the following:

    We are sold out of the Variant Edition and may well be sold out of the Standard and Steel Editions as well, but there is still a chance you can get them if you pay right away.”

  42. All 3 are showing as sold out.

  43. Definitely a big mess. They seemed to have underestimated the demand for this release.

  44. Last email I got said: “We have received your payment, and are processing all the orders in the exact order in which we received payment. Once we have done so, we will let you know if you did indeed get the poster or posters you wanted. Thank you very much. Please be understanding of how crazy things are here right now!”. This was at 11:32am Eastern and my payment for one variant was sent at 11:07am Eastern. I hope I’m good or at least that they acknowledged I said I would like a regular if they were sold out of the variants already.

  45. i got a rock

  46. That was fun…feel bad for those on the West Coast that did not get a chance.

  47. Eposters is sold out..Called to make the payment after getting an email confirmation and was told they were all sold. Epic bummer moment.

  48. Has anybody received final confirmation yet, one way or the other?

  49. Not yet, was about to ask the same thing.

  50. @Dylan, Just called to see if I could receive confirmation verbally. Lady said they are in the process of processing each payment now and will be sending out emails shortly.

  51. Thanks! I guess I’ll keep waiting.

  52. Hoping that means that they’re waiting until they have processed 100% of them to send anything out.

  53. Wow. This was NOT the way to handle this sale.

  54. Hi all! I wanted to confirm that we sold out before 12 noon Central Time. There was some confusion about the ordering, because an announcement was posted on Wednesday night before we were 100% ready to take orders. That forced us to come in to the office early, and we immediately got it posted to our site and worked furiously to receive orders (I personally answered over 500 e-mails this morning).

    We thank everyone who contacted us. We are now organizing the orders by the time we received them so that they are filled in the order in which they were received. We will be in contact with all the buyers to confirm what they got. It is likely that everybody who placed orders early on (and who followed instructions carefully) will receive one of each item they paid for, and we hope that we do not have to refund many people at all.

    Please do not call or e-mail our office to inquire about the status of your order (if you have paid), or call or e-mail our office to complain if you did not pay and think you have an excellent reason, because that will only greatly slow us up.

    Thanks very much to everybody who participated.

  55. Sent in my order for a variant directly via the site@10:56am. Nothing on the site gives you a confirmation, so I peppered Phil with emails. I sure hope every order really was processed with an accurate time stamp. In any case, looks like Dark Hall Mansion is going to be SOL for their drop, unless a bunch were held back.

    My favorite Whalen by far. Good luck everyone.

  56. You bet they are being processed based on the time stamp. We want this to be 100% fair to everyone.

  57. Placed an order and paid at 12:41 PM EST, not sure if I got it or not. The online store was still marked as “available” and Phil said to send my payment ASAP to ensure I get it.

  58. As I commented on both Dark Hall’s and Bruce’s FB walls, this was the *most disorganized* sale for a big poster I’ve seen in all my years of collecting. “Hot mess” is sooooo right! lol

  59. Definitely not as bad as some other drops (anybody remember the recent PCP/OBEY drop that lasted over 24 hours?) On drop day I was up from early morning until 2 am hitting f5, slept for 4 hours and started refreshing again from 6am until they finally dropped the next afternoon, over a day later than they said.

    This one might be tough with anticipation and a bit of disorganization, but not even close to the worst drop I’ve been a part of.

  60. Processed my payment for a steel & a variant at 11:04 EST. Fingers are crossed. I think this print is gorgeous, even better than Steamboat Willie. Thanks a billion to OMG and iambillyg! I wouldn’t have had a prayer of scoring one without them.

  61. You are receiving this e-mail because you have inquired about the IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN poster, and we regret to inform you that we have now received payment for ALL of the copies of all three editions, so all three are now sold out.

    We did the best we could to keep count of how many were being paid for, and we are hopeful that few people who paid prior to 12 noon Central Time will need to be refunded because we oversold any of the three editions. We will be collating the orders we received in the exact order in which people made payment, and we will process the orders in that exact order, and once we have processed all the orders, we will refund anyone who did not get their order (or let them know if they only got part of their order).


    We certainly hope to do more projects similar to this in the near future, and we will be certain to have a far easier checkout system in place at that time. If you want to be notified of any future projects well in advance, we advise you to join our weekly e-mail club at https://www.emovieposter.com/club/settings.php (if you are not already a member).

    Thank you very much!

  62. Buyers who paid via PayPal or with a credit card through our site: We just sent you an update of where your order stands.

    Buyers who paid over the phone: we will be contacting you tomorrow after we have processed your order.

    Everyone who missed out: Know that Dark Hall Mansion will be selling more next Wednesday!

  63. So, if you did not get this email you got a print. Is that correct?

  64. I just got this…

    This is Bruce Hershenson. I am sending this e-mail to everyone who successfully paid for one or more of the IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN posters we sold this morning from our website, eMoviePoster.com.

    As of right now, it has been an incredibly long and hectic day for us (remember that we also run an auction business that auctions 2,000 or more items every week), and we have 999 auctions closing tonight! So we have not yet been able to finalize exactly who purchased the posters, and who got shut out. But because we had a rough count on sales, we stopped taking orders a little before noon Central Standard Time, and if we oversold any of the three editions, it was not by much. Of course, many people continued to try to order after that time, but we turned them away.

    First thing Friday morning, we will process all of the orders in exactly the order in which they were paid for, and when we reach the full amount of each edition, we will stop processing orders, and let those who have successfully purchased them know what they purchased via e-mail. We will also refund the money to any people who paid but were not successful in purchasing what they wanted.

    I know it is unfortunate that you have to wait a day to find out for certain whether you were able to purchase what you wanted, but that is how it has to be this time. We hope to have similar offerings in the future, and if we do, we will certainly learn greatly from what we did wrong today, and we will make certain that there is a one step purchase process on our site (but we will also take phone orders, as we did today, because we know that many people greatly enjoy having that ability).

    Our entire goal throughout this is exactly the same as we have always had in our auction business, which is to treat everyone 100% fairly. Along those lines, we stated early on that we would consider allowing people to purchase more than one type (Standard, Variant, Steel), and that we would also consider allowing people to order more than one of EACH type (for example, two Standards).

    But because the demand exceeded the supply by a wide margin, we are going to limit each person to one of each type (so, for example, someone who attempted to purchase two Variants, might only get one), but we WILL attempt to fill the many orders where people purchased more than one of each type (so, for example, someone who attempted to purchase one Standard and one Variant might well get both). We believe this is the fairest way to distribute these among the greatest number of people. Once we have filled all the above orders with the above method, we will then give any additional posters to those who requested more than one of each type (as many as are left).

    We did not sell the entire edition of each. The website, http://www.darkhallmansion.com/, will be having an offering of each of the three types next Wednesday the 12th (as they previously announced). Go to their website for exact details on how that will work. But this gives you another chance to purchase one or more of these really cool posters, and if you learn tomorrow that you were not successful in ordering from us, then you will have another chance to purchase what you wanted next Wednesday.

    We know that this was not handled perfectly, but it was our first time, and we learned a great deal, and we will use that knowledge to greatly improve the process in the future. There was some mis-communication between us and the creators of this poster, and that made the process “bumpier” than it needed to be, but certainly that will not happen again!

    Please look for our e-mail tomorrow telling you what happened with your attempt to purchase one or more of these posters, and thank you very much for ordering from us.

  65. DAMN EBAYERS are already selling them!
    $250 for the Variant?! C’mon go after these guys and shut them down from future sales! Let’s black list them!


  66. glad i stayed away from that train wreak…..

  67. Thank you all for the amazing response to our “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” print! We worked very closely with Tom in creating a print that truly did justice to Mr. Schulz and the Peanuts legacy. Tom exceeded our expectations and we’re very grateful to you all for the beyond enthusiastic reception, this film means a lot to us personally and clearly it touches many souls out there just as much. The emails to DHM have been overwhelmingly positive save some understandable frustration at the process of the offering. For this we sincerely apologize and assure you 100% that it will not happen again. We’re very sorry for any confusion with eMoviePoster.com, they really are great folks and the premiere source for vintage film posters, and why we chose to involve their collectors. Saying that, in retrospect it clearly would have been easier to have simply asked them to go the usual route of placing Buy-Now buttons on their site but we felt allowing them to notify their client base via an advance mailer reasonable to broaden the interest and appeal of Great Pumpkin prior our own release at DHM. Again, not good logistically given the needless confusion that ensued and once again, our sincerest apologies. We very much value the extraordinary interest and support for our projects, but most of all, the enthusiastic support of our clients, not something we take lightly, nor ever will, so do know this was a one off and you will all have ample and clear notification for all future releases.

    On that, please know we will be putting our remaining copies of each Great Pumpkin Edition on sale next Wednesday, Oct 12th, on our own site, http://www.DarkHallMansion.com. Fair warning-there are exceedingly few left but we will have examples of all three Editions: the Standard, Variant and Steel, all dropping that day at a random time and very much in conventional fashion via Paypal Buy-Now buttons appearing beneath each simply by clicking through from our Store to each respective Great Pumpkin Edition:

    Also, thank you to all who have already registered for a chance to win a FREE TOM WHALEN SIGNED STEEL A/P Edition! All anyone has to do is leave their email address with us via our Contact page or email directly: info@DarkHallMansion.com and that’s it, you’re in. We’ll leave the draw open all the way till next Wed’s drop so anyone who’d like a chance has an opportunity to sign up.

    As a gesture of our gratitude and apology for today’s confusion, please know that the draw is now open for 2 FREE SIGNED STEEL A/P Editions and we’ll announce the winner for each draw on our drop day, again, next Wed, Oct, 12th. BTW, goes without saying that anyone who has ever registered with DHM in the past is already automatically in for the draws!

    Thanks again for the interest and we look forward to seeing you next Wed!


  68. Just want to say: while this drop certainly could have gone more – ehem – smoothly, Phil has been fantastic throughout. In the midst of the chaos of yesterday, he answered all of my emails and did so promptly and courteously. Let’s face it folks, while emovieposter.com clearly was unprepared and overwhelmed by the demand for The Great Pumpkin, we all have to remember that our universe of collectors has become almost uniquely ravenous for new and cool stuff. Let’s give emovieposter.com a chance to redeem itself. I for one welcome other reliable sources for great prints and posters besides Mondo.

  69. Thrifypix, I wholeheartedly agree with the above statement.

    Now, if we could just confirmation, I would feel better. :)

  70. There were not prepared, they apologized and it is all good. I am glad that I have found another site for prints. I did call them and got thru, so I will have to wait to see what I get. There are three more chances to get these prints. Dark Hall, win free from Dark Hall, and maybe Tom’s will put the APs up for sale. Yippie, off to Mondos site today!!!

  71. Refunded and sad :( oh well, maybe next time

  72. Just got the order confirmation!

  73. Woohooo I’m getting one!

  74. I got one too.

    Congrats to everyone who succeeded in scoring one. And good luck to those for the drop on the 12th.

  75. This has gotta be my favorite work from Whalen thus far.

  76. So since I don’t want to bother them with an email and at least one person is saying they got refunded, even though the last communication I received was the above email including the statement “and let those who have successfully purchased them know what they purchased via e-mail” and nothing since then letting me know I got what I ordered…I hope that I’m good? =|

  77. @Josh, they are really great with email replies. Just ask them once and you will get an answer within a few hours. They understand and know what happened. My email was answered very professionally and to the point to the effect that I received one regular edition, but not a variant. The same situation happened to me where I never received an email stating yes or no. So, I asked politely and the rest is noted above.

    OMG, has anyone seen the KT Iron Giant prints? Awesome.

  78. @Shawn, thanks…I just got an email from PayPal partially refunding me so I guess I’m not getting a variant. =/ I did state that I would like a regular if I couldn’t get a variant, but then when so much time had passed I figured I’d paid in time. Ah well…

  79. Go after the flippers…this is the perfect drop to catch them all.

  80. After refreshing for 3 hours, I go to the mailbox and they’re sold out

  81. same here… no luck..

  82. So many complainers on FB. What is wrong with people?

  83. One final from us at DHM: we DO care, we WILL fix this, and we very much DON’T just throw out apologies and move on. We also never take for granted the the massive love and interest we receive on our projects, nor will we ever be indifferent to the business directed our way. If other firms have taken that approach with you, it’s unfortunate, but also unacceptable as you don’t need to settle. We understand if you’ve had bad experiences elsewhere but we won’t allow that to define us nor would ever want any of you to lower your expectations as we respect you don’t need to settle for less. It’s simple, end of the day, we put together projects we believe in and want you all excited about and part of that is knowing you don’t have to hassle purchasing them, we agree with that and we’ll see to it on our next. Know that.

    Thanks very much,


  84. I got my print today! It looks awesome. I got an email from emovieposter.com warning of the extra secure package and how it can damage the print if not handled properly but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it wasn’t going to be. Just be careful with the tape and you should be fine.

    It’s in a frame and hanging on my wall already. Thanks guys!

    Also If ordes were done in sequential order then I must have just made it as I have #279/280 😀

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