“They Sang At Night” Art Print by Jay Ryan

In just a few minutes, Jay Ryan will put an absolutely stunning new art print up for sale. “They Sang At Night” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint for $40. He’s still counting up the edition size. It should be live momentarily at TheBirdMachine.com.

Click the image for a larger view:

25 Responses to ““They Sang At Night” Art Print by Jay Ryan”

  1. beautiful! my fave of his so far

  2. Did this go up? Some people claim that it did.

  3. i’m buyin’ this one for sure.

  4. Have these gone up? I can’t tell…

  5. They’re up! Got one!

  6. They went up for a sec, and someone snagged the link and it got out. Some were purchased then jay dropped the inventory to 0. Adjusted everything and they are back up right now!

  7. it’s up now- go get it!

  8. Sold out already, that was quick.

  9. Well that sold out entirely too quickly. That’s what I get for going to get some paper cut..

  10. Bummed I missed out on this. Looks great. Hopefully pick one up on the secondary. 470 selling out this quick – quickest sell-out in a while for Jay?

  11. Edition size of 240 – more understandable it selling out so fast then.

  12. That is the most amazing print I have seen in a while. I’m speechless.

  13. So, where is this print on his site?

  14. thanks, all. the print is sold out. sorry about the confusion.

    an overanxious collector found a way to get to my inventory before the print was put “live” online to be sold, and then published the link on another site before i was aware that anyone could even see it. the issue has been straightened out.

    michael vivian guessed that there were 470 animals in the print, but there are actually 473 – the official count from bird machine printer michael lauritano.

  15. Just wonderful.

  16. Seriously bummed about missing this one. Found out at 2:20 and it was gone. It’s an classic Ryan idea/ execution. Man, really disappointed…

  17. Wow, that is 472 more animals than I would have had the patience to draw.

  18. stupid good.

  19. love it.
    missed it.
    still love it…

  20. RATS!

  21. not a huge fan of Jay’s work but this print is amazing!

  22. I have always admired Mr. Ryan’s work. I congratulate you, Mr. Ryan. Well done.

  23. I’m not a huge fan of back-handed compliments, but wizdom’s post is amazing!

  24. Jay Ryan is a National treasure.

  25. Agreed. If only I’d been one of the lucky ones during the drop of this amazing print. Just spectacular.

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