Two New Art Prints by Angryblue

Angryblue brought two awesome new posters out for my favorite holiday season (you can’t beat October). “Goodbye” and “Keep Calm” are both 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 100, and cost $20 each. Visit

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  1. I love the art and would probably order these prints…

    …but I’m still waiting for Angr Blue to ship the one I ordered almost 6 weeks ago. Got an email promise 3 weeks ago that it would be mailed the next day and now all email communication has ceased… ‘Goodbye’ is awesome tho…

  2. Same exact thing happened to me in the same timeframe. I’ve been sending friendly, weekly emails and receiving no replies. As I told him, I’m not gonna flip out about it, I just want the art.

    I’ve ordered and received one other print from him in the past with no problems. Too bad . . . again, I love the majority of his stuff.

  3. I will get these to you ASAP. I owe about 15 orders out right now and posted on my site about them. I’m in the middle of a move and had a huge time-consuming secret project i was working on along with getting things together for the art show i had over the weekend. I’m not being elusive – just SWAMPED

    Also, i’m hiring someone part-time to assist with order fulfillment as the amount of things going out the door is way more than I’m used to. I’d prefer everyone got their stuff within the same week their order was placed.

    Thank you for bearing with me. I appreciate the hell out of your support and patience! Everything will be at its new homes ASAP!

  4. Thanks, Angry. Very happy to bear with you – you shall have my support indeed, and your art its place on my walls. Again, keep up the outstanding work.

  5. ditto.

  6. i just moved all of my flat files and posters today so i can start catching up on shipping (and get these new ones out) in the morning.

  7. Just wanted to come back to give an update, because internet comments can be forever.

    Just got a tube today from Angryblue and it not only contained the print I ordered, but also a copy of “Keep Calm”. On top of that, there was also a really cool small Angryblue skull print, and a bag of Crackrock candy!

    I’ve been collecting for a while now and have had bad experiences, the difference between those and this one is that this one ends with some amazing customer service. Thank you Angryblue!!!

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