“Scorch 1” Art Print by Josh Keyes (Onsale Info)

Spoke Art just sent over the info about Josh Keyes’ new art print, “Scorch 1”. First, the basics, it’s an 18″ x 24″ giclee, has an edition of 150, and will cost $200. To score one, head to Spoke Art in San Francisco for the PangeaSeed’s ‘Sink or Swim’ shark fundraiser on Friday, September 23rd. You’ll need to bring a government-issued ID and sign a “collector resale agreement”. If any are left afterward, they’ll first be offered to Spoke’s mailing list subscribers. Get more info on the show at Spoke-Art.com.

Click the first image to see it larger:

26 Responses to ““Scorch 1” Art Print by Josh Keyes (Onsale Info)”

  1. Like I said before,,, To 100% prevent flipping, Josh has to inscribe the name of the buyer at time of purchase. “To Ben G, All the best! Josh Keyes 33/150” Inscribe, sign and number the print all at the same time. Small and discrete in the margin. Flipping will stop immediately.

  2. So if the print was “inscribed” to the original person, then at a later date if they chose to trade this to someone for another print on ebeans or wherever then it would suck.
    I agree that flippers blow, but inscribing a piece of artwork that I am paying for would be like a cheesy custom autograph that nobody would want to trade for later.
    I dont flip any prints I score for profit, ever, but I do sometimes use them to trade for prints I was unable to get when they dropped and I now couldnt afford without being able to trade for the new one!

  3. Run has been increased 350. Bravo! … now to just ditch that agreement. Entire show really looks fantastic.

  4. No way around it. It’s selling on eBay. This is so silly; simply exploiting sales technique to hype print. I thought collectors were into screen prints and all this jive. Whats really going on. Lol. Ha, ha, ha! Great looking print and all, but seriously; price wise; then resale? Hype! Hype! Suckers! Rather buy Mondo Frankenstein at this price.

  5. Trading prints is such a small tiny percentage of this hobby. People buy, flip and sell. Inscribe it at purchase. No one’s forcing you to buy it. You don’t like the artist’s requirement? Don’t buy it. In fact, forget it. He doesn’t even have to sell it to you. No print for you! NEXT!

  6. Why do some of you care so much about a reseller agreement? If you have the right intentions it doesn’t affect you in the least…I really hope Keyes doesn’t jump the Shark (pun) ala you know who(LA) and you know where (TX)

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