Art Prints (and Paintings) by David Soukup at Phone Booth Gallery

Phone Booth Gallery, known for promoting and breaking a number of emerging artists (most notably Handiedan), have a brand new artist to introduce. David Soukup’s work is great, and they’re even offering his first two screenprints ever. “Enso” and “Wheelhouse” are both 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 40, and cost $45 each. Check out the paintings HERE and the prints HERE.

4 Responses to “Art Prints (and Paintings) by David Soukup at Phone Booth Gallery”

  1. Technically his 2nd and 3rd screenprints ever. He did one for 1xrun earlier this year:

  2. Yeah, “Bumblebee Sunrise” was a beautifully produced giclee. These are his first screen printed art prints.

  3. You’re right, my bad. For some reason I thought “Bumblebee Sunrise” was a screen print.

    Now I just need to get it and the two new ones framed and put up next to my original.

  4. Cheers to that!

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