Foo Fighters / Motorhead Metal-Stamped Poster by Emek (Lottery Info)

It’s nice to see Emek back to his incredibly inventive roots, I don’t think a lot of the newbies realize how groundbreaking his posters have been. He’s currently holding a lottery for his new foil-stamped Foo Fighters / Motorhead poster. You’ve got about 12 more hours to enter, all info is below. Cheers!

For our next sale we are doing a lottery system,
please take the time to read all the instructions below:


Pick a number between 1 and 100.
The first people who guess the correct number get a chance to purchase the poster. Be sure to email your guess to CONTEST@EMEK.NET.
Answers that are sent to our other email account will not be counted.
Put ONLY your number guess in the SUBJECT of your email and send to

We will not open your emails, we will only look at the subject, so that is where you should put your number guess
– JUST THE NUMBER, nothing else.

You have from NOW until 12:00 Midnight tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 14th PDT to send in your guess – one time only please.

There were 100 posters stamped on copper and 90 stamped on aluminum, many went to the band so we have a limited amount of each to sell, therefore, the color metal you receive will also be a lottery – you wont know which one you get until it arrives – surprise!

The winners will be notified by Friday Sept. 16th with instructions for how to make a purchase. You will have until 12:00 Midnight Sunday Sept. 18th to make your purchase or we will move down the line of qualifying responses.

Both versions are $175 each plus $25 shipping and handling in the US and $35 outside the US.

5 Responses to “Foo Fighters / Motorhead Metal-Stamped Poster by Emek (Lottery Info)”

  1. Usually not a huge Emek fan, but these are pretty badass

  2. This is awesome, hope my #’s right!

  3. Thank so very much for picking LUCKY 13! you are the man Emek! Love your work and keep it coming!I feel so lucky to have obtained the FF!xoxo

  4. Bam! Scored with #29. Winning numbers were 13 and 29. The atomic numbers for aluminum and copper.

  5. I scored with number 13. Emek is AWESOME!

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