Mondo + Drew Struzan + LA = Frankenstein!

In less than two hours, a special Mondo screening of Frankenstein with Drew Struzan will happen in LA at the New Beverly Cinema. A small handful of Struzan’s poster will be available (21 colors, edition of 325, $285). To keep up with future madness, be sure to follow Mondo on Twitter. Get more info about the screening at

Frankenstein in Color from Johanna Goldstein on Vimeo.

20 Responses to “Mondo + Drew Struzan + LA = Frankenstein!”

  1. They need to figure out a way to sell tickets online. I’d have made the three hour drive if I knew I could actually get in when I arrived.

  2. And that thing must look terrific in person!

  3. Oh man, I’m glad I know what the price is now – that’s way out of my budget! Still though, if I was anywhere near L.A. I’d be heading over to pick it up, haha

  4. Can’t imagine what the flippers will be getting on eBay tomorrow.

  5. We need to convince mondo to do something special for the upper midwest. Hopefully I can grab one of these online.

  6. I saw these prints at D&L this morning, they look even better than that jpg in person. Shit is perfect yo.

    And that’s a rad illo of Billy Idol too.

  7. can’t afford…must have…can’t afford…must have…can’t afford…must have…can’t afford…must have…can’t afford…must have…can’t afford…must have…

  8. Nice but not $285 nice. That’s a bit too steep.

  9. Was this the big package they hyped about releasing this? eBay selling for 700$-800$. Looking forward for so long and last min news on drop. I think I’m gonna gouge eye and send it to mondo. I guess it’s nice to want things. Tough world 🙂
    @ juangus ain’t your kid gonna be afraid of this on the wall?

  10. Frankenstruzan!

  11. @adevol – sometimes a toddler just has to man the hell up 😉

  12. $285!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now the other artists are gonna want Struzan money

  13. Looks good, but not $285 good. I’m not in the mood for paying for name/history whatever, good luck to all those who desire the piece!

  14. @david – If they lay down 21 colors and enlist the “assistance” of someone as good as Ken Taylor, they should ask for this kind of money! And by the way: if this is a true Insert (14×36), one way to offset the high cost of the poster would be to frame it in a metal poster frame with UV plexi and archival backing. About $75. Really. Maybe not as nice as a wood frame, but the poster wold get up on your wall at a substantial savings.

  15. I think everyone needs to take a step back on these movie prints. Were that is an awesome piece of artwork, its still a mass production. One is made by the artist and the rest are mass produced…10 to 350…it doesn’t matter. $285 is insane and if you start buying them at that price you are setting the tone for the whole market.

  16. think about the amount of work that went into the original art, the cost of licensing it, then the additional work that went into it from two different parties (taylor and tong) with the text and separations (not an easy task), then what i can very reliably assume was an EPIC print job (21 colors = 21×400+ chances to fuck up, plus the straight up COSTS), plus probably a solid 2 weeks of tests/mixing/proofing/printing. this was never going to be a $60 poster, because it probably cost more than $60 each to make.

    this is $285 nice, i assure you.

  17. My apologies, onsider me learned. I didn’t initially realize just how many colors there are in the thing, thought it was the usual 8-9.

    Nice work all who were involved, hope it’s a huge success – I’m sure all the work put in will be worth it!

  18. Update: as far as this being a true Insert size: turns out that it’s not, so will require a custom frame job. Ah well, something this gorgeous deserves it.

    As far as this being “mass produced”? Couldn’t disagree more. These prints might not be hand-pulled, but the process is still almost completely by hand! Ultimately, how much automation is involved here? Pretty much none. Do I wish this were $100? Sure. But with 21 screens, no way did I expect it. After all, this isn’t 325 boxes of Cheerios being cranked out of a factory.

  19. A friend of mine from Seattle called me and gave the heads up on the night of the gig. Fortunately I live close to the New Beverly. When I got there, the line out front was fairly long. Some people had been waiting since early that morning.

    They had handed out tickets to the first 75 people to guarantee that they would get posters if they wanted. I got ticket #78. A rep from Mondo did a brief Q&A with Drew Struzan, then they screened the film, which looked great on the big screen btw.

    After the screening, they tried a diplomatic way of selling the posters, going by order of the ticket numbers issued, but that quickly went tits up. Ironically, the people who had been in line the longest, ended up getting high numbers on the edition numbers because of the way they were being pulled from the stack. I was part of the last remaining group of people so I ended up getting #12 out of 325, of which only the first 75 were sold. SCORE!!

    I love it. Absolutely beautiful. Getting it framed ASAP.

  20. Do you naysayers still think beauty wasn’t worth it? Hah
    Man, I really need to get my copy up on the wall!!

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