Last Night’s “Mondo Mystery Movie: Part 2” Event

I just wanted to give everyone a quick recap of last night’s “Mondo Mystery Movie: Part 2″ event at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse. First of all, the film was Jurassic Park, the stunning posters were made by Aaron Horkey. This beast is a 21″ x 39” with fifteen total colors (including the fades), two of which are metallic. Aaron was in attendance, as was the film’s special effects wizard, the legendary Phil Tippett. I’ve included images of the posters, plus pictures from Justin Ishmael’s Q&A with Tippett, which was one of the best I’ve seen. If you were there, thanks for the great night. If you weren’t, there’s always next time. Enjoy!

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  1. I understand the frustration with people wanting this in other cities, but it makes me laugh when that statement is followed by “L.A.” or surrounding areas. Those places already have a ton of events. I suppose it makes more sense to have it in larger cities or wherever it’s convenient, but you could also make an argument to have showings in smaller cities. Maybe Mondo wouldn’t get as much money, but it would be more fun to take it on the road (costly as well, I’d imagine). And you would reach a variety of different people.

  2. Hey 13. Agree with t he L.A. statement.

    They do sometimes have screenings in smaller cities with Rolling Road Show. I was able to score the entire Olly poster series when they played Robo Cop in Detroit.

    Do agree one off random screenings around the country would be great.

  3. If Mondo or the Draft House could purchase the old run down theater in Hanover, PA…then I would be happy. Hint Hint Hint

  4. I’d be more than happy to make the drive to the New Beverly for a MMM. Heck, we practically had one with Kill Bill.

  5. Score Monsters Inc.!!! It is a good day.

  6. Pardon the pipe dream, but how about a screening on Cape Cod?

  7. 15 colors!? That must have taken foreverrrrrr.

  8. I hope Mondo is stepping up and filtering out the nasty grams in Horkeys mail box for him, these events can’t be fun for the fans who live everywhere but TX.

  9. I had a great time, and I flew in from Chicago. There were a lot of out of towners there.

  10. pretty sweet poster. looks like they…….spared no expense.

  11. With all the screenprinters, illustrators and movie houses out there, it surprises me other people aren’t doing these.

    This shit would be huge in New York or Chicago. Hell even Toronto……

    And I agree with everyone, this image is amazing….


  12. Great poster once again! Didn’t know Horkey looked like Danzig drymounted a care bear though!

  13. I think that is Justin, not Aaron.

  14. If you like Alamo and have money open your own theater. You can franchise!

    Also if you like the print and want to trade hit me up I have an extra.

    travisjfrey at gmail dot com

  15. Hank,

    That’s not Aaron, but rather Justin Ishmael.


  16. damn, that monsters, inc print was sweet – totally missed out on that one…

  17. Clever girl

  18. Which one is Horkey? The steroid guy or the old man?

  19. neither…..

  20. steroid guy? i think its called being fat

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