Giveaway: Win a Copy of Jay Shaw’s “Animal Earth Mother” Wood Variant

Oh boy, the OMG giveaways return! Jay Shaw was kind enough to offer up the rare wood version of his “Animal Earth Mother” art print. It’s limited to only 15 copies and is long sold out. To enter, just say something in the comments section.  Only enter once, multiple entries will be canceled entirely, I will be checking (plus you’re a good person).  The contest will be open for about 24 hours, I will announce a winner on the morning of Wednesday, August 24th. Good luck!

EDIT: Using the random number generator at, commenter #372 came up lucky. Congratulations Jason, you’ve been emailed. Thanks to everyone that entered, I’ll try to do more of these soon! Extra thanks to Jay Shaw for the awesome offering!

431 Responses to “Giveaway: Win a Copy of Jay Shaw’s “Animal Earth Mother” Wood Variant”

  1. I’ll take it!

  2. In it to win it!

  3. This has been my first experience of viewing work by the talented Jay Shaw and I’m loving what I see a lot, pure talent.

    I’ve been staring at this print for a while now, think i saw her and the lion move slightly but just might be me going slightly loco, if I could only will it into my house ;-). It’s an amazing illustration that so complements being on a wood grain, gives it a raw and fresh feel to it. So would love to have this on my wall so I could show it off to all my friends. Fingers and toes crossed.

    Good luck to all.

  4. I’d love to hang this in my house…

  5. I kan haz??

  6. If a wood chuck could chuck wood, would he chuck Animal Earth Mother in wood?

  7. congrats jason – we’ll cross random number competition swords again some day…

  8. bump

  9. I would so love to get this

  10. Nice work lads, and congrats to the winner. Nice score!

  11. So I finally received my winning prize and he hooked me up with a Wood Brothers wood variant and 2 other silkscreen prints! I definitely scored! The Animal Earth Mother was 1 of 15… He gave me #1!

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