Tyler Stout’s Captain America Poster (Artist Copies Lottery Info)

Tyler Stout is currently taking entries to buy his recent Captain America posters. They’re priced at $60 for the regular and $110 for the variant. You must enter today (Tuesday, August 23rd) by 12pm Pacific Time. For all the info, check out his blog.

14 Responses to “Tyler Stout’s Captain America Poster (Artist Copies Lottery Info)”

  1. What is the stamp that he puts on the back of his print? It was mentioned on his blog in the FAQ. I have never been selected by tyler for a print in his lotteries.

  2. I haven’t won a drawing yet, maybe today is the day!

  3. @Elmo it’s his Cerrtified Piece of Paper stamp that he initials

  4. It’s a different one each time, he has them custom made. They’re really sweet!

  5. Different per movie I should say…

  6. ***Many will enter, few will win.

  7. I’ll give up trying to get one of stouts pieces – everytime mondo is unreacheble due to the request… and afterwards, guess what… it’s sold out…

  8. I won đŸ™‚ Now I hope I get the wood variant!

  9. Not a winner this time, maybe next time…

  10. i’ve entered like 10 lottos and never get picked, i guess odds are slim with so many entering and so few prints to sell. Kind of a trip to win a chance to buy

  11. winner winner chicken dinner!
    first time after entering several lottos. it’s def a rare occurrence.

  12. SCORE! 2 for 2!

  13. Eighth consecutive Stout lottery failure for me.

  14. wow. Got my regular print today. Could have gotten the variant but didn’t have the cash to throw down.

    Anyway it’s my first Stout and it’s beautiful. Wife hates it of course. But that was expected.

    Definitely gonna grab more of his when I can.

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