“Tarot De Les Vicieux Paroliers” Art Prints by Behold The Destroyer

I’ll admit it, I listen to way too much rap music (I blame Justin Ishmael), so I immediately fell in love with Behold The Destroyer’s “Tarot De Les Vicieux Paroliers” art prints. Rappers plus tarot cards, win. These are 18″ x 24″ giclees, have editions of 25, and cost $100 each. Check out his shop.

14 Responses to ““Tarot De Les Vicieux Paroliers” Art Prints by Behold The Destroyer”

  1. love the nicky minaj one, and not only because i’m a red blooded man…

  2. Love it (nicky’s) but it’s damn expensive… 100 USD common!

  3. Better rappers needed.

  4. oh, I dunno, eazy-e may have what I need, but nicky’s got what I want…

    Now a Gil Scott Heron curveball would be sweet!

  5. Tracing photos in illustrator. what a real talent! I wouldnt pay a dollar for these horribly done prints.

  6. hah, i had no idea these were actually done by a friend of mine. i had seen them around the internets but hadnt seen credits for them. sure theyre photoshoppy, but its a cool concept that hasnt been done before. also, nicki minaj.

  7. These are fun. I dig the Tyler card. Would love to see a MF DOOM or Kool Keith card in the deck 🙂

  8. Pretty Toney all the way!!

  9. (justin) name dropper.this blog is slowing down.

  10. ps:were are the give aways? you havent had one in months i know of other poster and print blogs that give away prints every other week.this blog sucks now this dude i sucking justin ishmael’s dick too much

  11. LOL, Justin is my friend. Get real.

  12. PS, dude, big giveaway coming Monday.

  13. And…..I’ll continue to be happy with the only rap concert poster i own being Angryblue’s Darth Weezy 🙂 These are ok tho

  14. Ha ha! Insults for print give aways!

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