“Scars” Art Print by Jacob Bannon

Wow, Jacob Bannon’s newest art print is amazing. “Scars” is a giant 13″ x 37″ giclee, has an edition of 25, and costs $150. Considering the large size and tiny edition, that’s a great price. Visit JacobBannon.com.

6 Responses to ““Scars” Art Print by Jacob Bannon”

  1. looks like what would have happened if Derek Hess did the original Jane Doe print.

  2. Love the colors……great job Jacob!!

  3. I love this piece a ton. I think this is the guy who does all of Converge’s album covers, no?

  4. @Charles

    Yes. He’s also the lead singer. 😛

  5. He pretty much does all the art for Deathwish.. Dude has a nice operation going, haha. Sign a band, make their art, release the album, sell some prints.

    I can’t argue with it.

  6. That is fing beautiful. Love the colors and layout.

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