Jeff Proctor at Breeze Block Gallery (Art Now Online)

Jeff Proctor’s newest art show went off without a hitch (see photos here and here, plus an insane “video installation” here). You can also purchase the art (warning, some of it is VERY nsfw) here.

4 Responses to “Jeff Proctor at Breeze Block Gallery (Art Now Online)”

  1. What is seen can not be unseen. There is something seriously wrong with Mr. Proctor. I am now going to go curl up in the shower for the next 2 hours and try to repress some memories.

  2. WOW @ his NSFW stuff…just…wow.

  3. Not feeling the “nsfw” pieces.. The flowers, skulls, and teeth are beautiful, though.

  4. I like the skulls and flowers but i find the nsfw too off-putting

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