New Posters by Martin Ansin and Kevin Tong from Mondo (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release some total stunners today. Martin Ansin’s The Mummy is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 385, and will cost $45. The variant has an edition of 150 and will cost $75. Kevin Tong’s The Invisible Man is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 285, and will cost $45. These all go up today (Thursday, August 11th) at a random time (probably very soon). Visit

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  1. Love the variant colors but no the glyphs.

  2. There are some great artists doing fantastic work for Mondo, but Ansin might be my favorite.

  3. And Tong’s Invisible Man print looks really terrific in person. Sometimes pictures don’t do these things justice.

  4. Man, i am loving the Mummy regular but i have a meeting at 1230…anyone out there feeling super awesome and wanna help a brotha out??

  5. nvm…got it! yay!

  6. Got the regular, the one I wanted. Hopefully I can pull out a Frankenstein and put them next to each other on a wall.

  7. Holy cow. I got all of them. Definitely my favorite work by Ansin, absolutely love it. He’s been my favorite artist since his work on Scott Pilgrim. So stoked, first Mondo posters that I didn’t have to buy from eBay haha.

  8. Whats the secret to getting these. I was on point, broadband internet service. New iMac. I think it’s my service speed 18? What do the winners have? This kind of print is untouchable with skill- the mummy that is.

  9. You guy refreshing at checkout? I stood back try to let it do it’s thing on it’s own. Oh well. Congrats to all who won. I won’t be buying on eBay. No suckers here.

  10. I just have regular broadband and had plenty of time to purchase. Believe it or not, I accidentally purchased the Tong print, so if anyone wants that you can e-mail me. Don’t have enough wall space, unfortunately.

  11. Wow those are stunners, great work guys.

  12. @ADEVOL

    Do you use a gift card when checking out? That was key for me.

  13. No gift card. First try at Mondo drop. After adress verification I proceeded checkout. Address bar on top did 1/3 blue long time. Error- out stock. Also think cause I only went for variant. Anyway, the shock is over. Don’t buy many prints, haven’t missed one, except this. Try different technique next time. Guess I’m part of the club now :)

  14. Awesome prints from both artists! Saw the Mummy on wood in person. Breathtaking.

  15. Fantastic typeface. What is that?

  16. This was also my first Mondo drop. I did manage to get The Invisible Man, which was the one I wanted. Came back up from a smoke break and they were already on sale.

  17. Got the Kevin Tong poster (huge fan of his work).
    I got them when i was at work. It went so well that i could even buy the regular mummy poster if i wanted to, but i didn’t.

  18. had reg ansin in my cart, then realised it’s a little scary for the kids…sometimes you’ve got to throw the fish back in….

  19. That’s a good man juangus, I guess my little daughter is gonna have nightmares. I actually bought first print off the bay last night. 135 Total 4 variant; I sucked it all up, like I said I wasn’t. Mummy piece looks classic. Can’t wait to throw it on my wall.

  20. @ adevol: happy hanging!

  21. That’s probably my favorite Kevin Tong poster yet.

  22. I thought there was something weird going on with the jacket buttons on the Kevin Tong and I was gonna bitch and whine about it in this post, but it’s fine, just draped a little weird. I like the change from his usual style.

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