Rich Kelly’s Phish Poster

I don’t often write about posters before they’re ready to be sold, but I can’t get over how great this one is. Rich Kelly’s first Phish poster shows just how underrated he really is. We don’t see masterful illustrators come through the concert poster scene everyday, don’t let his work pass you by. I’ll keep you posted on any post-show sales. Until then, enjoy!

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  1. I agree with you Mitch… amazing illustrator!!

  2. Fantastic piece…again. I would kill to have an art print of this!

  3. This is fanfriggintastic! Rich jut keeps getting better. It’s just a shame I do not care for Phish.

  4. I agree with afrosteeziac. I actually have two of Rich’s posters custom framed and his work is getting better and better, but I could care less for Phish.

  5. Definately one of my favourite artists right now. Really dig his style. Another awesome piece no doubt.

  6. I’m with you xjmjx, ART PRINT! I’ll but posters for bands I don’t know, hell, i’ll but posters for bands I don’t even really like that much. Just not Phish.

  7. Huckleberry Finn took a growing pill!

  8. @srdzevon

    totally agree, I love the work & I would love to see a release without the band name or concert info. DD has done that in the past so maybe

  9. it’s dumb how good it is.

  10. He really took his work and the whole poster game to the next level with this one. Looks amazing.

  11. Absolutely amazing! Loooooove Rich’s work!

  12. Couldn’t agree with you more, this is really special and Rich is just amazing.

  13. Rich’s work is beyond awesome.

  14. Lovely image. But who are Phish? I know they’re a band of some sort but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a string of related prints ever released for anyone or anything. Do they basically gig every day of every year and commission different illustrators for each show?

    But again, lovely image. Just not that into band branded art… even from bands I like.

  15. R.Kelly for the win!

  16. I agree too. The guy is legit.

    @pete_traynor, I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, so, well-played.

  17. Hey thanks Mitch and everyone who left a comment. I really explored the (unlimited) potential of screen printing for this one, much more than I have in the past. I still have so much further to go, but expect more work like this in the future!

  18. Apparently most of the prints were damaged at the show :(

  19. Christ on sale that’s a nice poster! Rich dude it’s beyond time for some process video or pics from you. :)

  20. Great stuff…Stands apart from whats been done and stays true to your style!

  21. WINNER.

  22. Stellar! Really pushing the boundaries of the medium!

  23. WOW, that’s a nice poster.

  24. this dude excites me more than any other poster artist out there right now *real talk*

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  26. Just an amazing image.

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  28. Yo Jon that’s pretty tacky dude

  29. Stop trying to drive traffic to your blog. Last warning.

  30. No, not joking. Never hear anything about them in the UK. In fact, I’d never heard of them at all until I got into print collecting. Take it they’re big over the pond?

  31. P_T.

    They are pretty big depending on who you ask of course. They have been playing since 1984 and have had a couple hiatuses due to drugs/internal band struggles. They are playing very well right now. I’d be glad to send you a link to some of the most recent shows if you want to check out what they are like live. Good times for sure.

  32. First off, LULZ at the MONDO guy’s shameless plugging….jumped the Shark already have we???

    Next, Phish started in 1983(;p) and ARE back in good form! (been phollowing since ’93) They have done a few EuroTours in the mid-90’s and have played O2 & Royal Albert Hall, GREAT venues and shows across the pond! Hopefully, like we hope every Spring, they tour Europe again…but it’s looking like another Baby or kids off to college are taking precedence for PHISH in 2012. Good for them.

    Finally, (“R.Kelly” is a good nickname btw) Rich Kelly is currently one of the top illustrators of the human form in the print game today! Glad to see Phish has recognized this and hired him! HUGE! My wife also LOVES Rich’s work and he even sent her a drawing of HST along with the Suds HST print!! One of her prized possessions Rich, thanks again and keep up the good work! Kerouac in the near future??? Collaboration with Nate Duval^^^^ on a SUPER PRINT for Phish?

    “Welp, here I am…2pm…what day is it?” -Jack Kerouac

  33. that is so awesome, but i hat Phish. i may just have to suck it up and ignore the title

  34. If you “Hate” Phish you do like music in general I assume?

  35. Too good. Love Rich’s stuff; always giddy to see new work.

  36. Kalm, he is not from Mondo.

  37. Phish’s first show was in 84…formed in 83.

  38. Very slick print. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Interested to look at how it’s printed.

  39. Hence they have “been playing” since 1983


  40. I k ow the Phish thing is annoying, but Think on this for a minute. Because of their widespread audience, A Phish poster can financially support an artist, which in turn kerps them active and busting out amazing posters for bands who can’t offer the same cash. No one was making Phish posters before 2008, and for a bit, the poster scene itself really died down. I don’t like their music, but I can appreciate that they support the poster scene.

  41. This thing gonna be released or what?

  42. Plenty of phish posters before 2008 btw.

  43. For example, see emek 2004

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