“Charlotte” Time-Limited Art Print by Audrey Kawasaki (Onsale Info)

Few things get people more excited than a time-limited release from Audrey Kawasaki. “Charlotte” is a 17.5″ x 17.5″ giclee for $100. The edition will be determined by the number of sales on Sunday, August 14th between 12am-11:59pm. There will also be a limited version going up the day before. It’s a 22.5″ x 22.5″ giclee, has an edition of 150, comes beautifully framed, and will cost $520. It will go live Saturday, August 13th at 11am Pacific Time. Visit Audrey-Kawasaki.com.

12 Responses to ““Charlotte” Time-Limited Art Print by Audrey Kawasaki (Onsale Info)”

  1. Not the biggest fan of the image, so I opted for the vastly superior (no too mention expensive:() Enrapture. But seeing it framed like that makes me appreciate more I must say.

    Looks really rather lovely when framed like that.

    Hope Audrey has a lot of pencils for signing all these! Run could top 2000 easily in that time frame! But seriously cool of her to give fans a chance like this

  2. Thank God – Mitch is back from vacation!

    Nudity and skeletons – my wife would NEVER let me hang this in the house 🙂

  3. I love the fact she’s growing as an artist. I was starting to feel that all her images looked the same…this one is a step in the right direction for me….

  4. The frame is done with acrylic, not glass (obviously an issue for shipping), but the details sound relatively museum-quality. That makes the framed option a helluva deal!!

  5. Killer work.

  6. Damn Matt, when any guy starts a comment like “My wife will never…” Puts us men to shame. Go back to the fridge and get your balls out of the pickle jar.

    Too expensive for my taste..

    Where in the world is Kevin Sutton?

  7. I honestly laughed out loud when I read that comment about the pickle jar… thanks Ricky.. I needed that 😉

    The framing is beautiful, but given that it would likely run the better part of $600 with shipping, and the fact that my wife wouldn’t be thrilled with it, I’m going to be passing on this one.

  8. My wife says the same thing about “Jane Doe.” She was even more upset when I mounted on the wall across from her wedding dress that is framed. As for the reason the dress is framed, it is from the depression era and her grandmother hand made it.

  9. …never would have guessed that this one was a giclee

  10. I still think I have her best work already, Two Sisters (blonde twins ftw!), haven’t seen anything that tops it since.

  11. @Simp, that ones good, but my all-time favorite is “the way she likes it”… that is one sweet looking piece of wood..

  12. To Matt: Get anogther wife. Reasonable partnewrs do not dump on each others’ desires.

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