Little to No Posts on Thursday and Friday

I’ll be taking a couple of days off from posting this week, need to catch up and relax with the family. I’ll be back to full posting speed on Monday. Until then, feel free to use the comments of this post to discuss current news/releases. Cheers!

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  1. Two new Mondo prints on sale TODAY:

  2. Have a good one Mitch!

  3. Nice. Enjoy the long weekend.

  4. Get some rest and enjoy the family time, Mitch!

  5. Where can I get that print? It is awesome. Enjoy the time off.

  6. Have a nice weekend Mitch!

  7. enjoy!

  8. Mondo prints on sale now. Got Nightmare myself. GO GO

  9. Enjoy your well-deserved break, Mitch. Don’t worry, we will keep buying posters while you take some R&R with the family. Cheers!

  10. Now that its over…

    Obey Dove set was on sale today, first obey prints I have gone after in a long time. And I actually succeeded. Good day today!

  11. What do you think we pay you for……oh, wait.

  12. Less was more for Obey Dove. KISS. +1. tweaked out all morning because bs EB forum. Need rest :( – get some rest Mitch :)

  13. enjoy the weekend with the family!

  14. Take care, dude!

  15. Joshua Budich’s “Fight Club” Marla Variant On Sale TODAY

  16. or buy it now?

  17. AMAZING Check out Tim Doyle’s “Clerks” movie prints

    Personally I LOVE this movie! Classic!

  18. This site really needs a forum.

  19. @Matt I second that

  20. Dan McCarthy & Jay Ryan @ Gallery 1988 Tonight!!!

  21. 4 New Exhibits TODAY @ Gallery Nucleus in CA

  22. facebook group – Silkscreen Poster Fans

  23. fyi

  24. I’d rather this thread not turn into a hub for promoting other communities. Thanks.

  25. New Kawasaki goes up with a 24 hour purchase window tonight:

  26. Kawasaki is until next week. 13, 14.
    What’s with the false info from some peeps on here??

  27. Ah, right you are. was looking at the clock on her site. Stand down….

  28. There’s always plenty of discussion happening at

    Friends don’t let friends discuss posters on Facebook.

  29. OMG – where’s Mitch!?! Did he forget it’s Monday? I need my fix!!!

  30. EB = cluttered

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