Scout Shannon and Johanna Goldstein’s Poster Documentary Now Has A Title, A Promo Video, & An Interview

Big news today in the world of Scout Shannon and Johanna Goldstein’s upcoming poster documentary. First, it now has a title, “Just Like Being There”. Secondly, they’ve released an awesome promo reel (below). Third, they were interviewed over at

Just Like Being There (Promo) from Johanna Goldstein on Vimeo.

Remember, to support the film, visit their Indiegogo page.

34 Responses to “Scout Shannon and Johanna Goldstein’s Poster Documentary Now Has A Title, A Promo Video, & An Interview”

  1. They should ask Kozik what a gig posters is because nobody else seems to know.

  2. i certainly don’t.

  3. Any b-roll in that trailer has nothing to do with gig-posters or makes any sense why they put it in… needed filler?
    what the heck is going on at :36??

  4. pitchfork festival has posters, SDCC had alot of poster artists there and nerdy movie posters and all that. theres a large element of what theyre working on with the film thats not directly about the posters themselves, but about the artists and the events they do, as well as concerts and festivals and conventions and such. it may seem unrelated, but the angle they seem to be going for is that there are events, and there are things that remind you of said events. posters!

  5. This feels kinda amateurish. The audio isnt even leveled out, and the text/font needs work. Maybe spend a bit more time on the edit, since it is the promo reel for the movie. Not to be all negative, I do like that someone is doing a doc on this subject tho. Good luck.

  6. Had a good laugh at the shot of DD and the giant stuffed tiger.

    I agree that the titles need some work, and that the beginning could use some fine-tuning, but the back half of the trailer is gold.

  7. having been knee deep in this production the last month with these fine folk, i assure you nothing is amateurish about any of this. and trust me, i know a thing or two about amateur video work. that video is a quick little promo reel of a very in-progress project, not a final trailer or anything.

  8. What I’m seeing here in the comments is ridiculous.

    Two people, Scout and Johanna, who share a love of posters and art, are making this documentary on their own time, money, and resources.

    Both of them are experienced in what they do. This trailer is just a quick sample of some of the raw footage they’ve shot because if you read the interview, they are busy traveling and interviewing artists. Polishing up the footage takes time.

    You are all welcome to say whatever you’d like, but I for one choose to support passionate people as much as I can because whenever I look around, I see too few of them.

  9. Im pumped to see it. Worth a donation for sure. And with your donations you can score some good stuff. Im pumped to see the poster for this with some of my favorite artists working on it.

  10. It’s certainly not amateurish. It’s obviously a very-early, yet-to-be-polished teaser trailer. Making movies is WAY harder than people think, and these guys aren’t anywhere near finished shooting yet, so if their stuff looks this good now it’ll just keep getting better as they start assembling everything.

  11. Kevin: I agree that polishing up footage takes time… but if you want to be taken seriously, make sure you have a coherent trailer or release it as leaked material…

    DD: by your logic showing the same footage of girls in costume could be about a Tron doc because they showed that at SDCC…

    I am excited for the doc but wait until the trailer is ready to show or you may alienate people that were originally interested, if it was just a raw footage sneak peek I guess make more sense with it… The second half looks good

    Like i mentioned before the shot at 36 sec in is entirely unnecessary and seems amateur

  12. Also, for some reason the link to their Indiegogo page isn’t working. Might want to replace it with this:

    That’s the “Share this campaign” link on their Indiegogo page.

  13. Yeah, I think that’s the biggest point here, this is a very early piece of film to premier on Slashfilm with the movie’s title. It is not a trailer, they’re not even 50% done shooting yet.

    I will say I agree with the other complaint, they should keep the footage tight and poster-specific, otherwise you end up with a lot of “cool-looking” footage that has nothing to do with the subject matter (ie the rodeo and concerts a certain other documentary).

    As they get more footage that is more relevant (ie people lining up for actual poster releases, maybe footage of poster artists in bands, etc), that filler will make more sense than what they’re working with now.

  14. In years to come these Documentaries about the modern screen printed Poster sub culture (and there are few popping up) will be looked at and appreciated yet confusing to people because they didn’t feature the work of Aaron Horkey. Even though this one isn’t finished and I shouldn’t jump the gun it looks as if Horkey’s work has been missed again.

  15. Wasnt trying to bash or discourage anyone with my comment. But I still stand by it. While its great that someone is doing a doc on this subject, the work will be taken more seriously if it has the proper amount of polish to it. As Jimmy pointed out. Especially trailers, which often times are the main driving force in promo campaigns.

    DD: You said there is nothing amateurish about this project. All the more reason to spend the extra time and not release a trailer that makes it look as such.

  16. Mark, Aaron generally decides to not be in things like this, he’s not being overlooked. I will try to talk him into being in it, but he’s a pretty private guy.

  17. Definitely appreciate the effort to make a film like this.

    That being said, I do have to agree that keeping the trailer tight and related to the subject matter is pretty important.

  18. There will be bruised egos and ruffled feathers… and those are just the artists IN the movie… lol. Not to mention all the extraordinary artists who will invariably be left out. Horkey on the other hand does not give a crap (my guess). I recommend that the artists stick to their art and let the filmmakers do their thing. I’m sure it will be just fine. Defending a trailer (because you are in it) is a waste of energy.

  19. its absolutely not a waste of my energy to defend something i support.

  20. This looks like it’s going to be an awesome doc.

  21. Poor New York. Left out of the poster scene again.

  22. they will be there next week filming. you seem to be hung up on artists being left out of a movie that is nowhere near being done with filming. if you have suggestions, im sure they would have completely open ears about who you think they should talk to in NY.

  23. I just think its odd that a big city like New York has such a small poster and print scene. I’ve always found it a curious thing. They should interview Luther Davis I think.

  24. They told me they’d be in the MA area meeting up with DD sometime soon — if so, they should get in touch with JC Richard! He’s really new to the whole poster scene, so that’d be a very interesting perspective to contrast with the more veteran perspectives of DD and Dan McCarthy.

  25. I could suggest a dozen artists but its not my movie.

  26. you should suggest em. theyve been asking artists for suggestions on who they should check out the entire time. artists lead to other artists, theyre going down the rabbithole.

  27. JC Richard
    Jaw Shaw
    Chuck Sperry
    Tyler Stout
    Guy Burwell
    David O’Daniel
    Mike Klay

  28. And by Jaw Shaw, I mean Jay Shaw.

  29. In New York…
    Jermaine Rogers (veteran)
    David Welker (newcomer)
    Mark McCormick (heavy metal genius)
    Two Arms (awesome graphic design)
    Luther Davis (master printmaker)

    In Los Angeles…
    Jeff Soto (gallery artist)

    In Chicago…
    Ryan Duggan (god)

    In Austin…
    Tim Doyle (pop culture whiz)

    Drew Millward (underrated superstar)
    Florian Bertmer (master draftsman)
    Zeloot (rulz)

    A girl can dream

  30. Wow, the banter in here is getting ridiculous. Anna, expecting a laundry list of every artist you like and being upset if they don’t make it in is ridiculous. Also, I have to think this is somewhat motivated by the fact that you represent David Welker. They have ample people advising them on who to cover, they’re not stupid, sheesh.

  31. I’m certainly not expecting anything nor would I be remotely upset over the filmmakers choices. DD said go for it so I did. I dont represent DW. I only assist in his studio along with a few other New York artists. Jonathan gave a shout out to his picks, so I followed suite. I think all these artists deserve props and many more. But maybe thats for another movie and another time.

  32. i think this looks amazing and they should be commended for even taking in a project like this – i for one cant wait to see it – and on a seperate note – anyone know who is responsible for the music in the background – i really like that song!

  33. As the person who wrote the article, I’m glad to see some people care. It got like 0 comments on our site. As a poster fan, I’m just so excited for this movie. The possibilities are endless, but Scout and Johanna are obviously exploring them and could they really have picked three better people to “highlight” than DD, Kevin and Jay? Definitely not.

  34. Passion is contagious. I share Scout and Johanna’s love for this amazing modern art form. Scout was also gracious enough to respond to my suggestions which was heartwarming. I think they will need more donations to make it to Europe though. I also agree wholeheartedly that they chose 3 excellent artists to focus on and I do think its important to focus.

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