Oregon County Fair Poster and Art Prints by Emek (Onsale Info)

Emek will release his Oregon County Fair poster and some art prints on Wednesday. The info for each is below. The poster goes up Wendesday, August 3rd at 1pm Pacific Time, the art print set goes up an hour later at 2pm Pacific Time. Visit the store/info tab at Emek.net.

Oregon County Fair Poster

16″ x 33″ Screenprint, $75:

Oregon County Fair Day + Night Art Print Set

Two 8″ x 15.5″ Screenprints, $50:

3 Responses to “Oregon County Fair Poster and Art Prints by Emek (Onsale Info)”

  1. Love, love, love this. It’s perfect for the event, which is the Oregon Country Fair, by the way. Country, not County. Not that it matters, but just, you know.

  2. I live in Oregon and Emek knocked this one out of the ballpark…I’m going for the art print set, wish me luck!

  3. So OMG has these listed as screenprints. Other sites are saying they are giclees. Can anyone confirm?

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