Daniel Danger’s Art Prints at The Cotton Candy Machine Today (Onsale Info)

The Cotton Candy Machine will release a number of new Daniel Danger art prints later today. They were originally debuted at their gallery show a few weeks back, but they’re just now making it online. The six new ones are all 24″ x 36″ screenprints for $60 each. Everything goes up today (Monday, August 1st) at 3pm Eastern Time at TheCottonCandyMachine.com.

These are just a few examples, click the link for more:

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  1. While I missed out on yet another drop (having a job where I can’t actually just F5 all day…I wish) I am intrigued as to Daniel saying “ill be doing another run of that one for Seattle”. I’m apparently out of the loop. What’s happening in Seattle?

  2. @aaron b, i feel your pain…being a teacher i miss EVERY weekday drop from september through june…having a part time job over the summer makes going after drops much more exciting.

  3. @Aaron B: I would assume he is talking about Bumbershoot Fest which is at the beginning of September. I would be guessing he is going to have another edition of the print. Its a great print, I have the black paper edition and love it.

  4. Ahh cool, thanks for the heads up. And also, that wasn’t a slight towards anyone, I’ve got the odd Mondo drop, I mainly collect Jacob Bannon and DD stuff, but working 2 jobs while simultaneously running an online business means I have about 2 dozen tabs open and just dart back and forth while working. Saving up for a wedding though, it probably saves me more money in the long run haha.

  5. are these inspired by the former Riverside Amusement Park in Agawam, MA? There was a roller-coaster there named the Cyclone. If so, cool.

  6. the riverside park sign one is. the green ones are coney island.

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