Anne Benjamin’s Cibo Matto Poster

Chicago’s Anne Benjamin just put this new Cibo Matto poster up for sale, what an awesome pairing. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has a limited edition (though she forgot to send over the number), and costs only $20. Visit her Etsy shop.

5 Responses to “Anne Benjamin’s Cibo Matto Poster”

  1. Hate to be a buzzkill but two hump camels are native to Mongolia. Egypt/MiddleEast camels have the single hump. Yeah, two humps make a cuter image though.

  2. Picked up one of these at the show and had Miho and Yuka sign it. I really like gigposters that have something to do with the band, rather than just featuring random graphics.

  3. Perhaps we’re looking at some folks who travel with their own two-hump camel.

  4. Really lovely poster.

  5. Anne, this is awesome!

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