“We Keep Watch” Novos Art Print by JC Richard (Onsale Info)

To catch you up, Novos is an upcoming sci-fi short by Jonathan Brebner. This is new art print by JC Richard is the first in a series of production prints. “We Keep Watch” is a 12″ x 28″ ten color screenprint, has an edition of 120, and will cost $50. The two variants have editions of 40 and will cost $70 each, though since they were first offered to print club buyers, it’s possible that very few will remain. These go up tomorrow (Friday, July 29th) at 11am Pacific Time. Visit the Novos Store.

These images are tiny, click them for a larger view:

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  1. JC’s work continues to impress me. This is some solid work. I hope the movie is good.

  2. All those prints are beautiful.. IMHO.. Might just have to grab one

  3. Really nice stuff from JC.
    It should be noted that the bottom image is the Reg and the top two are the variants.

  4. Is there a store that sells frames this size? These are really great looking.

  5. JC has been on point since his very first print, not sure how he can get much better, but i bet he will

  6. Yeah, the guy is kind-of automatic. His first concept he showed me was awesome, and the final product is awesome-er.

  7. Is this 12×28 with border or image only? Appreciate info, thanx.

  8. With border.

  9. Wow, just wow. Will definitely be trying for one of these tomorrow

  10. @ADEVOL

    I always get my frames @ http://www.americanframe.com/

    Really great work, I love all of them! It’ll be hard to pick which one to buy. I’m dying to see this movie! I’ve already got 3 prints for this movie I haven’t seen.

  11. Man, I’m just now fully comprehending that the film will have to live up to the quality standard of JC’s work (not to mention Kevin Tong’s, Jay Shaw’s, and all the other artists doing prints).


    Well, hey, every print sold makes that standard a bit easier to attain.

  12. Just beautiful. I’m really starting to dig and appreciate JC’s work.

  13. Prints go up on the Novos Store in just under an hour!

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