Captain America Posters by Tyler Stout and Olly Moss (Onsale Info)

Edition sizes and prices were covered earlier, so I’ll keep this short. Tyler Stout and Olly Moss’ Captain America posters will go up for sale today (Friday, July 22nd) at a random time. Get your refresh button ready. Visit

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  1. So soon!?

    Somebody hold me….

  2. Good Luck to everyone trying to get one. I’ll have to pick one up off eBay later today :-(

  3. release days like this make me feel all hunter gatherer adrenalined up. hope i snag a tyler, but the thrill is in the hunt. good luck all!

  4. Lets Roll!

  5. No dice for me on this one, work out of the office today so really no hope.

  6. Got the variant! WooHoo!

  7. Just went up. Got Cap Variant. First successful Mondo try since I started collecting. Kinda happy. Good luck everyone else!

  8. Were just on sale! Told myself I’d only buy if I could score the Stout variant. Sold out in my cart unfortunately! Ah well, maybe next time.

  9. LOL @ early morning drop. I went to the site immediately after the tweet just to see how soon it would sell out. While refreshing, the site crashed. Seems like people really wanted this for a movie no one knows whether is good or not.

    Could have purchased any of them, but decided not to. Love Moss and Stout, but don’t care for CA.

    Congrats to those who got them.

  10. At least I got the Olly Set.

  11. mc chris told me the movie is really fun and looks great… all i need to hear.

  12. any word on how many they sold online and how many will be available at Comic Con?

  13. Got the stout variant!!

  14. anything up to 595 for the Moss set or the Tyler variant already on ebay…sheesh…

  15. The movie might not be good, but the comic is. So, there is the other aspect to it.

  16. Got one of each. Can’t believe it!

    Major thanks to Mondo for selling some online and not making them all exclusive to SDCC. Now I’m going to go see the movie to celebrate.

  17. got a stout reg. cant believe i actually scored a mondo drop.

  18. Didn’t catch this drop but I’m with dylansdad – thanks for selling some online! Especially with Tyler & Olly level stuff, thanks again!

  19. Are they selling them at the Con too? Is that why the variants went so quick? I was surprised that the Moss prints were up for so long.

  20. Great work by Olly & Stout. Would’ve loved the Cap variant but the early morning drop fooled me 😉

    Agree with you Shawn, the comic is fantastic. Brubaker’s run of Cap was phenomenal; real gritty.

  21. just saw the movie, phenomenal, stay after the credits. i love how many are on eBay & r NOT selling at there silly high prices, thank god there are 650 of them, I’m gonna pick up a Stout when prices come down

  22. Yeah there’s definitely a lot of greedy flippers. One listed for 900 dollars… seriously?

  23. Congrats to everyone who scored. I agree that the Stout will come down in price; but I have a feeling that the Moss Prints will hold their value. I love the vintage propaganda feel to them

  24. I wish sites were able to track who’s selling prints before they’re even in their hands. The prices on ebay are insane for these right now.

  25. The price on the Stout will drop when the AP edition comes out & Moss’s will come down when the variant AP comes out, the one’s from comiccon aren’t signed plus there is a 3rd variant of the A is for victory print

  26. 3rd variant? Where’d you see that? I don’t believe you’re right.

  27. there are 2 sets: an original & a variant, then there is a 3rd variant of the A is for Victory print, here it is here & so far it hasn’t been on sale anywhere as far as I know, it’s not on eBay

  28. That’s just a scan of the LA Times article. It’s the normal, regular edition on newsprint. No third version, promise.

  29. that’s disappointing. It was my favorite. It seemed like a mix between the reg & var, plus it looks faded which I like

  30. Saw the movie last night in San Diego to break away from comic-con for a bit. They were giving away an edition of the stout poster at the theater for those who paid to see the movie. Different than both posted above. The SSR logo in the upper left is red and not blue. It is also not number and not a screen print; Guessing it’s a litho

  31. Got crushed by AT&T 3G. So no Cap for me.

    Any chance some of these will surface on P&T in the near future?

  32. Stout has on his page information about the Litho of his poster. Be careful if you are buying this poster on the secondary market. You may pay the price for a screenprint but get a litho. What Shapps said above are ways to tell the difference. when looking at them.

  33. @Kyle, Brubaker’s run in Detective is one of comics most underrated runs in the past decade or so.

  34. not a cap fan so didnt even try. congrats to all that scored though. cant imagine the stout price staying high due to the litho, the market will be saturated, i wonder how many lithos were printed must have been 1000s

  35. in case you didn’t see it … but they may be gone by now:

  36. Yep, they are gone. Got my refund from the oversell…over 1.5 hours later. I was up and now I am down. That is life.

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