Six Upcoming Captain America Posters from Mondo

No sale information on these yet, but I thought you’d all like to see them now. Mondo will release six different Captain America posters in the near future. Tyler Stout’s is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 650, and will cost $50. The variant has an edition of 220 and will cost $100. Olly Moss’ propaganda posters are 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 375, and will cost $85/set. Eric Tan’s propaganda posters are 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 220, and will cost $80/set. More info coming soon, enjoy!

19 Responses to “Six Upcoming Captain America Posters from Mondo”

  1. Kick bollock scramble!

  2. I love the variety in the different pieces, but once again Stout knocks it out of the park for me.

  3. This might be my first attempt at a Stout…

  4. Olly Moss Kills it! Awesome!

  5. I hope these release after the movie drops… I bought Stout’s Iron Man 2 print (which was awesome by the way) but was really disappointed with the movie. I sold it because of it :/. I apply the same thought process I use for concert prints… if I didn’t go I don’t deserve the poster. If I didn’t like the movie, I can’t own the poster haha. Sad but that’s how I roooll.

  6. I hear ya cjo.. I have high hopes for this movie. I really hope it’s good. Everything I have seen so far looks kick-ass, but they’re not going to show you the bad bits in the commercials 🙂
    I really like the Olly Moss with the shield.. I felt the need to add that given that this is in fact a poster blog and not a movie blog 🙂

  7. stout uber alles!!

  8. Movie looks good, and three awesome artists for the posters. I hope they dont drop all three sets they same day.

  9. I hope I’m mistaken, but I think these are only available at Comic Con. Does anybody know if these will be available online?

  10. These are most likely comic con exclusives

  11. I hope they will be first sold at Comic Con with a portion held back for online sales. They have not stated that the entire run will be exclusive to SDCC.

  12. they are all going for sale at comic con

  13. Fuck the judge! Excuse the profanity!
    Every one of these absolutely rocks. Stout does his thing and Tan always achieves something really bold and brainscorching – but Moss always manages to hit the nail on the head, really imaginative and fitting the whole 40’s era.
    And I’m totally with cjo, if the movie turns out to be crap, what’s the point in hanging the poster on the wall? Even if it is a nice piece of art! Looking forward to the film…

  14. not a capt fan, but i like the tan prints over the moss or stout

  15. Even if the movie sucks the print is still worth it if your a fan of Captain America. I have a metallic stout iron man 2 on my wall and I hated the movie but I love iron man and the metallic print looks amazing (plus i just ignore the 2)

  16. After reading the blog on mondo these posters will be released at the Con. Also it looks like Daniel Danger is doing a secret release with Mondo at the Con.

  17. Glad to be at SDCC…looks like i need to pack an extra tube.

  18. damn!! eric tan sold out at the SDCC, there will be no online sale. what a bummer !!

  19. Eric Tan should release more. Available for all to have a chance. Lol!

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