Moon Editions Mystery Tubes

This is one of the better Mystery Tube deals I’ve seen in quite awhile. For $50, you’ll receive five random prints from Moon Editions. These could include sold out prints, proofs, test prints, misprints, scratch/dent, and one-offs. Considering the quality of their releases, this is an essential purchase. Visit Moon Editions.

11 Responses to “Moon Editions Mystery Tubes”

  1. +1 so excited about this! keep the florian stuff coming!

  2. +2 now! i can’t help myself! fingers crossed!

  3. Thank you OMGposters!!! +2 tubes
    Never been so excited since the first ShirtAndDestroy mystery tubes sales. This is gonna be good!

  4. +1 myself most if their stuff is killer. Very excited!

  5. Let’s keep each other in the loop. I also saw there was a Bertmer ‘Come To Grief’ in their collection, so plenty of goodies.

  6. …indeed! that come to grief was the first thing that jumped out at me. i have the 4 color version, but have been on the hunt for that one. each month brings me closer to completing my florian collection. up to 30+ pieces now. cannot wait for these tubes!

  7. anyone get there’s yet? Mine came today. Had two screened images on the kraft paper along with 5 posters. I got 2 Bertmers which I was after. a F&F version of Paradise Lost /10 and a test print of the Hexenbrett image. red Ink, black paper. Super stoked!

  8. Mine just came in as well got a pink variant cthulu! Very happy about that. got a text hexenbrett as well looks killer. With a couple other randoms. The print on the kraft paper was cool as well.

  9. What is a f&f print?

  10. I really have no idea. It’s written in pencil on the bottom and numbered.

  11. Got a small and a big Hexenbrett print, a Paradise Lost and 2 gold prints from the Hexenbrett box (ao a print from the lady as seen on this pic: Also got a Reyes California and a small Horkey. So a big thank you to Moon editions!

    Other tubes arriving from now on will be a little disappointing compared to this…

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