Aaron Horkey at Pushead’s PATCHWERK SDCC Event (Plus “HOARFROST”, a New Art Print)

Aaron Horkey is heading west to make one of his first public appearances ever. He’ll be the featured guest at Pushead’s PATCHWERK event at SDCC, plus he’ll be selling a brand new art print package. “HOARFROST” is a 9.5″ x 12.75″ screenprint, comes packed in a screenprinted envelope with two custom inserts, has an edition of 60, and will cost $130. To purchase, and to meet Aaron, head to the Toy Tokyo booth (#5437) on Thursday, July 21st at 4pm. If you’re attending Comic Con, your schedule just got fuller. Enjoy!

Click the first image to see it larger:

6 Responses to “Aaron Horkey at Pushead’s PATCHWERK SDCC Event (Plus “HOARFROST”, a New Art Print)”

  1. Fuckin’ wish I could be there. Love Pushead, Horkey is an added bonus.

  2. *bows*


  3. Why don’t these guys ever come to D.C.? They could give the finger to all the douchebags running our country right now, and sells some art to boot! It’s a win-win!!

  4. Epic event. Jealousy!

  5. If the elusive Horkey is going to come out of hiding maybe someone can ask him what’s going on with the letterpress series. I know they released 2 in out of 6. It’s been a LONG time and no one at dead arts publishing is returning e-mails. Anyone have an idea of what’s going on? My chess pieces are missing their mates.
    I love this guys work and wish I was heading to SD!

  6. I was going to SDCC anyway and this was icing on an already pretty good cake.

    I got to meet him and get the print set and a sketch. He was gracious and cool and seemed pretty enthusiastic if a bit overwhelmed, as anyone would be if you were sitting in front of that craziness.

    Toy Tokyo did a great job getting people organized at this signing. I’ve seen bad signings and it takes the fun out meeting artists.

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