“Are We Serious” Art Print by Gary Taxali (Onsale Info)

1xRUN will release this awesome art print by Gary Taxali today. “Are We Serious” is a 17″ x 22″ giclee, has an edition of 200 (only 100 online), and will cost $150. The first 50 buyers will receive two free gocco prints (normally valued at $100 each), the second 50 will get one bonus gocco print. This goes up today (Friday, July 15th) at 12pm Eastern Time. Visit 1xRUN.com.

7 Responses to ““Are We Serious” Art Print by Gary Taxali (Onsale Info)”

  1. Gary Taxali should be doing screen prints.

  2. That’s for sure. Screen print is the perfect medium for his work. A giclée of this?!? And for $150?!?! C’mon. The “free” gocco extra is a nice touch , but it doesn’t make up for the missed opportunity on “Are We Serious.” I mean, are THEY serious? (sorry)

  3. Jeez, stop my whining. I should’ve added that, giclée aside, I really like the image and really like Garys work.

  4. No, you’re right thrifty. I like his work as well, and if this were screenprints we were talking about, I’d say cool. But $150 for a giclee? That’s an image printed out, mind you. It could use some state of the art inks on some great matte finish paper, and I still can’t see the justification of it. Eh, just my two cents.

  5. Then again, Gary is selling limited edition giclée prints on his site for $350 – $1500!, and these are not small editions either, so go figure. Gary’s big time, so I guess that means he can charge that kind of money and get it. More power to him, I suppose. But how giclée even remotely makes sense given his work… I’m befuddled. But that’s nothing new.

  6. Smaller 8×10.5″ “Gocco Print” of Are We Serious with some variation to the image is $250 CAD. Yikes.


  7. I think we need to remember that Taxali is an established illustrator with tons of accolades under his belt. That said, I agree that I would rather see all of his stuff as a screenprint. I can’t believe that his screen print at rotofugi hasnt sold out yet. It’s big, beautiful, and an edition of only 50.


    Now that’s a sweet investment. Especially when you look at what his other prints are going for. I’d snatch that one up before this one.

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