Daniel Danger at The Cotton Candy Machine Tonight

Tara McPherson’s The Cotton Candy Machine will host a new NYC solo show by Daniel Danger tonight. He’ll have new prints and originals available, including the images below (plus the two previewed earlier). I’ve seen a few of the other pieces and can say that everything is quite amazing. The show opens tonight (Friday, July 8th) at 7pm. Get more info at TheCottonCandyMachine.com.

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  1. the work is just amazing!

  2. I wonder if these will actually be 24″x36″ or if they’re some weird dimensions like all his other work…

    anyone know?

  3. looks great! wish i could go.

    ***daniel danger , if u read this, please come do a big show in california.


  4. ill be back in LA in december. ill also be wandering around SDCC, but ill only have some new prints with me.

  5. These look great! Will any of the prints be available online?

  6. Will any of these be available online? I’d love to get both of the green “troubles” prints.

  7. @dylansdad – the gallery already had a presale that started @ noon…not sure about the rest though

  8. dd – what are the dimensions on the wonder wheel/cyclone prints? are they exactly 24″x36″?

  9. Whoo hoooooo.

    I shot my email to the gallery at noon on the nose and landed an OG. Finally managed to score on some original work.

  10. PAK – Both those prints are listed as 24×36. I think they’d look great framed next to each other, so I sent an e-mail request to the gallery and got a response that both were still available and that I’d receive an invoice later today. Very happy to have a shot at these two!

  11. dylans – i got the same two as well, can’t WAIT to see them in person

  12. The two coney island prints are 24×36 cut. I smartened up.

  13. Will be checking the show out this week. Can’t wait to see it- wish I had been at the opening.

  14. Thanks for switching to 24×36 after being cut. I know you used to measure by image size before. Definitely appreciated!

    Can’t wait to get the pair up!

  15. Are these all sold out or what? I pretty much want all of them.

  16. The pink and red variants look great too. Hard choice

  17. I am LOVE the color and light in Dan’s work. It makes me crazy how he can really give you that walking-around-at-night feel.

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