“Smile” Art Print by Mr. Brainwash (Onsale Info)

I don’t usually post about new prints by Mr. Brainwash, but I really like this one. “Smile” is a 22″ x 30″ screenprint. It comes in six different colorways with editions of 5-30 for $275-$650. It goes up tomorrow (Wednesday, July 6th) at 12pm Pacific Time. See all the colors and editions at MrBrainwash.com.

21 Responses to ““Smile” Art Print by Mr. Brainwash (Onsale Info)”

  1. hard to believe this guy is still around or that anybody would pay these prices for art created by interns. wow.

  2. @ legion I agree, but the one who persists wins! I mean is warhol really a god?

  3. You mean after that film came out EXPOSING him for what he really is……a talent-less hack, people are still buying this CRAP? man, Sheeple ARE real!!

  4. @Legion, @Jungo123.

    What do you think of people buying Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst artwork? Those people must be idiots.

  5. Mitch has been Brainwashed. The end is nigh.

  6. for $650 i will draw you a kid holding a camera and splatter it with real paint.

  7. Mitch is often Brainwashed.
    I don’t think he realizes how many people are attracted to this site for quality… and then pieces like this get posted. It’s a bit diluting.

    Quality or quantity, Mitch, please?
    Not all prints by (everyone and their mother) need to see the light of such promotion.

  8. I think you’ll find that I’m far more selective than some of the other poster blogs that will post anything and everything. I came right out and said I don’t usually like Brainwash, but I do like this print. He doesn’t need my promotion, I just thought it was a cool print that others might want to see. I find it interesting how polarizing he is though.

  9. @ NARA “the Mona Lisa curse)


  10. I usually hate this guys output. Nothing to do with the whole joker/fraud thing, it’s just doesn’t please my eyes.

    But see what Mitch is saying, for him this is actually a pretty nice image.
    I’d have been curious to see the response to this post if it had been under another artists name. I wonder, if people had been led to believe it was the new Eelus or something would they still have had such a negative reaction to it…

  11. Is Eelus the bench mark?

  12. I like this print. Did I miss some drama?

  13. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that 90% of people who “hate” Mr. Brainwash didn’t know anything about him or his “interns” before Exit Through the Gift Shop. Get real kids. Mitch is far from brainwashed. Get real.

  14. Will Mitch be flipping this like everyone else?

  15. my opinion – brainwash sux.

    mitch even said he doesnt really like his stuff.

    if you wanna buy it, go ahead… i just won’t. and by the way, all this art-school “i knew about the interns before ETTGS and you tools woulda bought it if you didnt watch the flick” stuff is soooo bloody tiring.

  16. wow, don’t typically go for MBW stuff, but I actually really liked this image. too bad it sold out by the time i got the page to load. oh well.

  17. @ NRA

    I would say Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst are very pop art but their pieces have content. O and there hasn’t been a entire movie about how they were hacks. And how all their pieces are just ripped from a street art books.

    He sold out. Im pretty sure no one got the point of exit…..

  18. I catch street teams putting up Obey pieces in Los Angeles all the time. Shepard’s interns also help him with many steps when he creates a piece, so I think everyone should unload all of his prints to me so that you can save yourself the burden of owning phony art (I will gladly take any Mujer Fatal’s lying around your dorm room). If you haven’t yet learned in our Photo-shop heavy, post-Warhol world that art is not longer solely a craft of perspiration than you probably never will. Brainwash is no more a phony than any other street hustler on the boulevard trying to make a buck. I am amazed that everyone seems to forget that Banksy tricked this guy into turning over his footage so he try his hand at art… I understand that Shepard & Banksy resent his financial success & they sure benefited from trying to embarrass the guy. For those of you who would quickly judge someone based on what you’ve watched on TV I urge you to remember how easy it is to paint a negative light around someone when you get to pick and choose what moments you illuminate… Too bad someone couldn’t just focus in on some of the bizarre missteps that Shepard Fairey & make him come off as a complete mockery… Oh wait… TMZ did http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07tI0S1_qBA . Mitch has never been on Brainwash’s bandwagon & I give him a lot of credit for showcasing a solid image, because he remembers that art is also not just about the artist but also about that little piece of paper you put up on your wall to make your day a little less… blank.


  19. I think @dd had it right. Where can I sign up to have my Illustrator Live Trace come with a dollar bill printer?

  20. Mr. Brainwash is Banksy right?… or at least a creation by Banksy to play pranks on LA.. or at least that’s what i gleaned from that god awful exhibition in Hollywood and that film Exit thru the Giftshop.. isn’t that what yall got out of it?

  21. these prices are a complete joke and insult to the art community

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