New Concert Posters by Landland (Plus a 2011 Subscription)

I like to check in with Minneapolis’ Landland every couple of months to see what they’ve been up to. As usual, their newest batch of posters shows an amazing progression in their work, they are constantly getting better. Their prints also look beautiful in person (the CMYK method they use to reproduce watercolor paintings with screenprinting is the best I’ve seen). I wholeheartedly recommend picking something up. These are all 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have small editions, and cost $20-$30 each. Visit their shop.

They’re also offering a full 2011 subscription for $500. You’ll get every print they produce this year (including those pictured above), plus some sub-only goodies. They created around 40 posters last year, so it’ll end up being a great deal. Only ten spots are available, visit the Classifieds.

13 Responses to “New Concert Posters by Landland (Plus a 2011 Subscription)”

  1. They can do no wrong. Great illustration that is only made more incredible by the method by which it’s printed.

  2. Landland are so great, so underrated, and the nicest people out there to boot. I love all the new stuff guys.

  3. It really doesn’t get better than these guys

  4. Landland makes posters that no one else could even dream of making. They are wayyy ahead of the pack.

  5. Amazing.

  6. I liked Landland before all you guys started saying you liked Landland.

  7. Holy shit Landland is good. Making the rest of us look like chumps.

  8. Some part of my brain tells me those are 4 or 5 layer screenprints, but my eyes don’t believe it.

  9. Great stuff. I’ve loved their style for years. The CMYK and the layered screen prints are all excellent.

  10. I liked Landland before Landland liked Kevin Tong…
    Jessica makes me want to keep on painting with watercolors.

  11. Great work. How have I not heard of Landlord before?

  12. I have this LandLand Iron & Wine patchwork/farmhouse print…they only sold 5 different prints each show…I picked this over the Nate Duval Peacock but it was a tough call…very well done and I actually thought it WAS a Duval at first!

    If anyone wants to make a trade for it I’d be down…I volunteer at a venue and always grab a print no matter who the band is…in would love a different landland but open to any/all trades…I’m in Cambridge

    Post ur email and I will contact u

  13. What is this cmyk method described? I cannot figure out how these prints are constructed….would love to have some idea….they really transcend the medium from graphic to painterly!

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